Former Goldman Trader: $8M Isn’t Enough

June 19 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Michael Moore discusses Deeb Salem, a former Goldman Sachs trader who said his bonus was unfairly docked because of a written warning he received about his 2007 self-evaluation. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


  1. These people aren't more productive than nurses or garbage collectors, they're just closer to where all the capital swills around. If trash was capital, the garbage men would be rich. If it was medicine than the nurses would. It's a problem with how society is organized imo.

  2. What a dodgy industry. Full of sociopaths whose only motivation is unadulterated greed. Unlike engineers, teachers, firemen, chefs, people in finance contribute exactly nothing to society.

  3. Let me put $8M in prospective… i worked in private equity and the CEO's home was ~$13M, he had a fleet of bentleys which was about $2M in total, he had two warehouses full of his art collection wirth $30M and holiday homes around the world worth $10M, oh and a private jet worth $20M…That is already $83M.

    Now, this is just his main assets, he had a family who had their own cars and school fees etc… and now add the ongoing maintinance costs of all those assets and you have a whole lot of money spent sourcing from a single individual.

    So yeah… $8M is pocket change.

  4. Did he have access to information at Litton loan service and was able to see how many mortgage borrowers were late and defaulting on their loans? If he did it was a brainless trade.

  5. If people are so concerned with banks stealing money then maybe you shouldn’t borrow money from them? It’s actually that simple

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