Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney gives eulogy – BBC News

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney began the second eulogy with fulsome tribute.

“I believe it will be said that in the life of this country, the United States, which is in my judgement the greatest democratic republic that God has ever placed on the face of this earth, I believe it will be said that no occupant of the Oval Office was more courageous, more principled and more honourable than George Herbert Walker Bush.”

To the laughter of the crowd, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney relates a Bush anecdote from an international summit.

He says Bush used to diligently take notes at international meetings. And at a Nato summit in Brussels the president continued to scribble notes during an interminable speech by the prime minister of Iceland, which was only cut off when the secretary general firmly decreed a coffee break.

Afterwards, Bush put down his pen and told Mulroney: “Brian, I’ve just learned the fundamental principle of international affairs.”

“What’s that, George?” Mulroney replies.

“The smaller the country the longer the speech,” says Bush.

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  1. Why can we not have the old Canada back and a good prime minister now our country is ruined and will never be the same like these two were friends that’s awsome

  2. It’s a Constitutional Republic…well it was meant to be. That’s okay that you manipulated it into a Democratic Republic. The people are here thanks to Mr Trump. Thank you Mr President. You don’t have to love him but there is some respect that must be honoured. Long Reign the Crown. Long live America. Up the New Empire. Respect ✊🏼 and Love 💕 from Behind enemy lines. UKS/GBA

  3. "There are wooden ships, there are sailing ships, there are ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, and may they always be."
    Its sad friendship have been broken till 2020.

  4. OMG how many illegitimate children did FDR have… You got Bill Clinton and then you got his brother from another nut Brian Mulroney… Both are the spit of the Roosevelt clan… Especially Mulroney.. If y'all can't see it your blind

  5. It’s the First of December as I write this and it’s very early in the morning. Mr. “Read my lips; no new taxes!” is dead. I decided to dash out a cartoon about the first Bush President. I never liked him, nor did he get my vote.

    41 pinched the rear ends of young ladies from his wheelchair toward the end. He didn’t care about MeToo at that point. He and Bill Clinton had many things in common, they both supported NAFTA, which thanks to the current President, no longer exists.. His son W. was a war criminal, but like Hillary, he’s above the law.

    I just glanced at the glowing obits being proffered by the legacy media. CNN, The New York Times and others seem quite reverential and respectful of “Poppy” Bush. After all, he was instrumental in furthering an opaque government and the Deep State that now controls most of the media arms. He was the first to promote the “New World Order” that socialists want. Bush was friends with Obama and the Clintons. In fact, the Bushes voted for Hillary, not Trump. Its no wonder the fake media is gushing praise for the globalist H. W. Bush.

    One of these is not like the others

    I’m not. A product of a privileged family, Bush did fly many missions in WWII as a Navy pilot. However, he also quickly bailed when his plane received Japanese anti-aircraft fire. He left two others on his plane to their fate. They were never heard from again while a submarine rescued a future president. Naturally he was hailed as a hero, just as John McCain would be in the future.

    Bush then followed his father’s footsteps into Yale. That also included joining an order there known as “Skull & Bones.” Many influential people have joined the vile group, including President Taft.

    The initiation involves some dark rituals including initiates lying naked in a coffin while masturbating. Satanic rituals are used and like the New World Order, the Skull & Bones elites were fanatics about numerology. It is said his daddy, Prescott Bush, helped dig up the grave of Geronimo. They stole some of his bones and used the Indian’s skull in their rituals. Prescott also helped the Nazis. The legacy media will probably gloss over Skull & Bones. Or perhaps they’ll excuse Poppy for joining because he was young and wet behind the ears. Only he wasn’t exactly callow–he went to Yale after four years in the Pacific. He knew what he was doing.

    He also knew what he was doing at the CIA and he may have been involved in the Kennedy Assassination. A photo showed him in Dallas at the time, even though he denied being there.

    H.W. Bush greatly deepened the swamp Trump now has to drain.

    Bush will be remembered as one of the worst Presidents in our history. He spent eight years as Vice President undermining President Reagan. As President, he reversed nearly every Reagan accomplishment. In 2016 he voted for Hillary Clinton, because the Deep State Swamp sticks together.

    “RIP Poppy” Say hello to McCain.

    Ben Garrison

  6. Where is your power now. Hhhhaaaaaa hhhhaaaaaa hhhhaaaaaa hhhhaaaaaa hhhhaaaaaa. Joker's is gone for good. He must be in Hell SLAVES prisident. I own HAVEN you are not wellcome RACIST and so on.

  7. I’m appalled by the comments that have been posted. Whether you politically believed in President Bush or not, he deserves some decency, courtesy and respect in his place of rest; not the distasteful, egregious unpleasantries observed here.

  8. "There are wooden ships, there are sailing ships, there are ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, and may they always be."

  9. In my judgement you are and were nothing more than an American puppet and mouthpiece contrary to how real Canadians feel about you and America and its state terror worldwide

  10. Whomever dislikes has no respect for a bad ass pilot that survived the worst war our planet has faced so far and went in to play a part in ending the cold war leading the country he loved

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