Five questions about the Bobbi Kristina case

Randi Kaye looks into reports of bruises, drugs, the person who found Bobbi Kristina unresponsive, a recent 911 call and car accident.


  1. I beleive her so called friends was in on her death and was gonna split the money. someone had to know what went on one dead and three survived that dont make any sense what so ever and why am i feeling helpless in this issue. ?? something fishy about how she was layinh in the bath tub like her mom. hint hint she couldnt had done that herself and for her to react her mom death is outrageous i couldnt even do that. The fact that she was in the bath tub tells me that it was Nick Gordon . with the help of others of some sort. Plotting this girl death

  2. somebody killed that girl. She had millions of dollars waiting on her and a career which she was trying to start. Evidently proof is on her twitter page reaching out to wiz khalifa and also what makes people think it was suicide is very sad b/c there was too many folks in her house at the time of the incident. Somebody speak for this child apparently she can not speak for herself. i bet it wasent no suicide she seemed intelligent enough to know not to spill herself com on people be foreal.

  3. I feel that Bobby the cable guy and Nick were partying and cable guy and Nick wanted to drug Bobby to rob her he probably gave her something to fall asleep they,seen it wasn't within so they gave her more this time. To much more.she went in the tub and fell,asleep they both got scared they punched her in the chest to wakecher up she couldn't and that's how she has bruised he chest..they fucked up and killed her what horable news now..

  4. CNN maybe you should find out if Nick Gordan and Max Lomaz   will given drug/alcohol tests.   I think that people were trying to force Bobbi Kristina to 
    give them money as , to the best of my knowledge, none of these 'men' have jobs?

    Bobbi Kristina is awake and hopefully will be able to soon enjoy her 'inheritance' as her mom so wished.   Maybe in a short time Bobbi Kristina will be able to speak again and will tell us the real truth, that is the truth I pray for, and for Bobbi Kristina to get well soon;  I believe she will be well soon.

  5. It's always disheartnening when someone this young has to go through something like this and the decisions that are made are tough because you feel like you are in a catch 22. All I can say is if it's meant to be that she passes, so be it. If it's not meant to be then so be it. Let the family have the peace they so desperately need.

  6. Bobbi Kristina
    Robert troy Taylor I am the cousin of the late Whitney Houston.Dec 28, 2011 I had got a call out of the blue with some crying on the other as she was asking Questions making sure it was me. and we talk about sometimes.then she went on saying that she wants me to come stay with her the summer of 2012 she was going to do out Patients program  and she knew that she can trust me she had felt that nick and Bobbi Kristina was a little too close. she knew deep down it was more to it now as we kept talking she had said to me that the boy she had help was taking money I said who she had reply saying nick.i said that fuck up she tell me she has to go and her last words to me if anything was to happen to me. tell Bobbie Kristina what we had a talk about I said ok. but never got  that chance to B K was mad at me about some else when I had made a remark about nick way before me and her mother had talk.people are saying  nick Gordon is not the bad guy, but that fucking punk is.he knew that B K mother death was hard for her to deal with but still he allowed her to drink and do drug never once did he try to stop her never reach out to  the family asking them for help because B K was out of control.instead his dumb ass pride took over. I say all this I do beleave that he is behind this if B K was going to take her life it would have happened the first year I do not beleave 3years later. I think nick and this friend B K was in the house doing god only knows. meaning getting high. and I do know for the most part B K would not take any pills while partying. I really beleave this happen he had put something like crushing up pills putting in her drink or if she was smoking he could have least when she go take bath she so relax that she would fall asleep this what beleave happen look at this how long was she in the bath and did they check her and why at that time why not sooner this how I see it this all for money.and if was taking money from Whitney. who is holding for him maybe some in his family this should be look in to.if my bread and butter were gone I would have gotten job but he did not why this he must have something put to the side and saying he has nothing so now he holds on to B K FOR A BIGGER PRIZE  THIS IS WHAT I THINK HAPPEN HE PLATTE TO KILL  B K HIM AND HIS FRIEND  and pray that the cops look deep into him and his family banking records .. Robert troy Taylor


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