First, He Built Foxconn. Now, He’s Coming to America.

Foxconn is known for being the biggest assembler of iPhones. Terry Gou is the chairman and largest shareholder of Foxconn. He’s also one of Taiwan’s richest men. This is the story of how Gou turned a small operation in a shed into the biggest electronics operation on the planet. Now he’s building a $14.5 billion factory in Wisconsin.

Video by Robin Fall


  1. He is notorious for not following through on his side of the commitment, but we’re paying for his tax breaks. Part of the reason why Walker lost the election. Giving away billions in tax breaks and sacrificing our (previously) best in class educational system and infrastructure.

  2. I mean you always need hardware right? It’s not like hardware is going to disappear. Unless all of his clients start making their products in house I don’t see how Foxconn operations could be threatened

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