Final Fantasy VII – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Experience the greatest moments from FINAL FANTASY VII and return to the beginning of the RPG that revolutionized gaming!

The fight for the planet begins today on Nintendo Switch.

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  1. 1997: PlayStation Game Garranteed to be only on PlayStation
    2018: itโ€™s on a Nintendo console And The Hentai machine one so the PS4 remaster will never come again

    I have a lot of questions

  2. I never got past disc one due to corrupt data on my memory card …. TWICE!!!! so I gave up
    I bought it 2days ago n Iโ€™m hooked
    Also finished ff9 the other week to

  3. I have two problems with this trailer. 1, it shows off scenes from the ending. 2, it doesn't show off even one second of actual gameplay. That was all just from prerendered cutscenes. Someone new to the game buying it based off this trailer is going to be sorely disappointed as soon as that train rolls in to the station and those awful, awful-looking lumps of polygons hop out and start running around the screen.

  4. buying nintendo switch for playing old game. come on man. please create new game. i a bit disappointed right now. move on pls nintendo. go more creative and develop insane game that we all can remember like an old game.

  5. Hey how should we promote ff7 on the switch?


    I know put all the end game cut scenes back to back. Don't get me wrong I am gonna buy this game for the 5th time but it about the new players prospective and having major plot point given away before they play

  6. I just got done downloading the game I can't wait to play it, oh wow, man it's been so long since I played this game, I remember playing it on the PS1 and now I get to play it on the Nintendo Switch, I had some good memories with this game and now I'm reliving them once again!

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