Feeding mother offered university place after viral photos – BBC News

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Jahan Taab took her two-month-old baby with her to sit a university entrance exam.

Photos of the young Afghan mother nursing her child went viral and have changed her life.

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  1. If only they showed the same compassion for poor white brits. Bloody do gooders don't you know the road to hell is full of good intentions!

  2. So touched by this and her strength. I’m currently nursing my 4 week old baby girl and starting back to work later this week to support our little family. Reminds me to be grateful for my economics uni degree and an amazing job to go back to.

  3. And that baby will one day be taught to hate other faiths, and hate gay people. Sitting in hidden away buildings behind closed doors, being taught vile hatred against all others by angry old muslim men with big beards.

  4. If she had only had given birth to child during the test the BBC would be insisting that both the mother and child be given a university place. On the other hand if the mother was Anglo Saxon, she would not even be mentioned.

  5. By the time they finish and get in to work she will have better life then the other ones, he/she baby will be on her side supporting her. Smart women, work hard when you are young study get kids, relax later, enjoy your kids as your friends. In these countries kids don't leave there parents as they reach 18 or get girl boy / friends , they are very supportive to there parents. I have seen it all. Some countries even like in some Arabs don't say hello mom, but first kiss on her forehead then say mom, how are you, everything oke, what can I do for you.

  6. Feminist crap. Completely ignores the fact that she is a non-muslim ahmadi woman being accommodated by a Muslim government in a country that white people think murders non-muslims. European and US politicians fear mongering is the reason white people think Muslims are savages.

  7. Why have a child if you trying to pursue an education? Here in South Africa 90 000 schoolgirls gave birth last year, why can't the BBC fake news push that as a celebratory story?

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