Family says 2 kids were kicked off an airplane for a nut allergy, left stranded at airport

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A family says that an airline crew told their two sons they had to get off a plane due to the children’s severe peanut allergies.


  1. The use of peanut oil in the manufacturing of vaccines is the reason we have allergies to peanuts, peanut allergies were virtually unheard of before the use of peanut oil in vaccines, same goes for other allergies to other food stuffs, they use many plant/animal proteins in the manufacturing process, and that is the reason allergies are developed to that food.

  2. Not saying don’t play guilt card but family at fault not doing their own research and communication with airline. Parents failed to help children prevent inconvenience then it all became airlines fault.
    Well, but I can smell PC police is on their way bashing me so whatever

  3. Funny every incident they say we're looking into it & strive to give best customer service. Every time. Bs lie's, lie's, lie's .

  4. Lame, contacting the idiot media to spread news about this inconvenience – hoping for a financial gain.. Fly with your kids if they have a life threatening allergy . The airlines aren’t a daycare/medical clinic for teens. And folks -if any of your international legs are on a foreign carrier THEY DO NOT FOLLOW AMERICAN policies and procedures (code share or not). This family is fully aware of this.

  5. Maybe they should have reported it when booking the tickets like MOST airlines require? They literally ask at the end of the booking process if you need accommodations for allergies, disabilities, etc.

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