1. As a long time Fallout fan, from 1 through to New Vegas, I couldn't give two shits what they do with the lore. They could fuck the lore up beyond all belief IF they did it because they thought they could write a good RPG. They can't so they use all the Fallout familiar faces to drape over the atrocious writing. The Brotherhood becoming noble knights would be fine, if they could write it properly. They just don't make good RPGS, they never have and I don't think they ever will.

  2. While Fallout 76 sales are down, pitchforks and torch sales are skyrocketing.

    And yes, there will be heavy, HEAVY hesitation with future titles.
    Add: This just in: Fallout 5, directed by Alan Smithee.

  3. i like fallout 76, but in terms of customization on every level of the game is very limited i mean paint jobs on armor, weapons and PA, and i hate the scam type of business that bethesda have implemented with this title and i will love that they come closer to bankrupt because of this type of actions against the player community so they will learn how do the things right. nice video btw!!!

  4. Fallout 76 was a money grab. Bethesda sold the multi-player that should have come with Fallout 4. All the other misconduct just proves that Bethesda was being dishonest and greedy. You are absolutely right to advise people not to trust Bethesda the next time they release a game.

  5. I love how you and Oxhorn are competitors but YOU can look at Fallout titles with an unbiased perspective, where's Oxhorn either got the most perfect copy of Fallout 76 ever, or he's just pandering to Bethesda because his channels based around it. It's…pretty sad.

  6. No man sky dev lied and went radio silence for months, destiny is a trash can game that makes you pay out the ass to fully enjoy it and devs lied so many times, red dead 2 horrible pay to win MTX, people still enjoy these games fallout 76 will be fine any way stop talking about this game the dead horse is dead

  7. I would really like to see Obsidian deepen their hands into the franchise once more; it may do good for Fallout's next title as if it's being made under Bethesda's name, it'll suffer in sales.

  8. I knew Fallout 4 was trash way before this. Unless they plan to give the series back to Obsidian ro make another game….I will pass on all things fallout. This whole sega should be a lessom against pre ordering. Note.. companies don't give 2 shits about you.

  9. There is no way they would allow a Fallout game to be only on Shitbox and PC, Playstation is doing WAY better when it comes to sales. I would be guarantee less money to not have it on Playstation but on PC and ShitBox. MicroDicks just needs to discontinue that dumpster fire and stick to making software and games for PC.

  10. 18 minutes of running around fixing pipes? Awesome quest writing Bethesda. I personally couldn't care less any more if we never get another Fallout or Elder Scrolls game.

  11. MM I'm not sure this will work this way. I don't see fallout 76 as a flagship fallout, just a fallout extra like brotherhood. So I'm thinking there could be a fallout in 6 years, 5 years after elderscrolls 6

  12. … Puma, babe. I'm pretty sure he DID state that both Starfield AND TES6 will be on Creation Engine. (It was in a german(?) interview, before the release of 76, so maybe they've revised that decision.) Though I think everyone will agree, if Bethesda tries to wring any more out of CE, they will fail as a company.

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