Fallout 76 Angry Review

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AngryJoe leaves the 76 Vault and is Horrified by what he finds. How does this spin-off in the famous franchise hold up at launch? Find out!
Thisis Fallout 76:
Glitch Parade:


  1. Angry Joe
    I understand that you dont like NMS, but despite Hello Games lies, they didn't run but instead:….. I suggest replaying the game, better still wait until after beyond update.

  2. good Luck with Starfeild an Elder scolls 6 Lmfaoooooooooooooooo Same 25yr old engine Lol cause there too dam stupied to create a new engine Relays on Fan to Fix there game We not the 1s who's getting paid to Fix there broken Shit

  3. Only thing that's good about this game: Environment detail. Even then, the game didn't hold a story at the end of these details, as they didn't do anything exciting other than some cool enemy designs that don't even come up often.

  4. Sole survivor : (speaking to Codsworth) your thoughts?
    Codsworth : Want to hear a joke ?
    Sole survivor: sure
    Codsworth: what Bethesda don`t need ?
    Sole survivor : bugs? (companions laugh in background)
    Codsworth : that too , but they sure don`t need anymore refunds our lawsuits.
    Sole survivor: heh good one codsworth
    Codsworth: Have you heard of the new game Fallout 76
    Sole survivor : yeah i have , it sucks cause Garvey can play it now too and i don`t need to help anymore settlements i think i better just stick playing red menace .
    Preston Garvey : Did someone said settlements???
    Sole survivor : i think i have to go now FAST bye codsworth !

  5. Like your videos Bruh… BUT! ANYONE who played fallout 4 amd still bout this game, deserved what they got.. Fallout 4 was a trash game.. Why would anyone expect fallout 76 to be good?? Because some devs lied amd told you it would be?? Wake up gaming community.. Devs lie like politicians and presidents.. When will you learn lmfao

  6. See, this right here? This is why I still play Fallout: New Vegas more than any other game in the series. For all the bugs in that game, at least there's more of a payoff than in this one. I get that the game is much better now than it was at the time of this review, but better isn't the same as good.

  7. he thinks the best part of the game is where you create your own fun? we can do that without playing a computer game.. we can go outside for example… play sports with friends.. i thought we play games so the people we paid money to can create the fun for us????

  8. My opinion fallout 3 and new vegas were better I'm mean exploration and story line were sick even with fallout 4 it was cool to be able to build and do stuff like that but still I find disappointing. The dialogue is gone and the wild factor is gone. For instance the dead money dlc on new vegas sick and as simple as the 108 vault in fallout 3 (Gary). But even with the terrible aiming still had a sick story with sick exploration. In my opinion and I mean my opinion I would make some some sick dlcs and story lines for fallout 3 & new Vegas. I know people want better graphics and etc but to me it's become so much on graphics and money just like eso you have to pay 15$ month just to somewhat play the game and it's not that good. I thing that should somehow do something with the fire fallouts that really go it startred

  9. So Bethesda starts to become like FucKonami? Fallout is becoming like Metal Gear series? Fallout 76 becoming like Metal Gear Survive?

    On a serious note, why all of my favorite game franchises are turning into like this? Slowly turn into betraying us fans?

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