Fact check: Trump’s heated Oval Office meeting

CNN’s Jake Tapper, in partnership with FactCheck.org, looks at claims made in a meeting between President Trump and Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. #CNN #News


  1. Them animals China News Network aka CNN you guys should live like a Americans human please. Stop saying bad things about President. My house before I build the fence anyone can walk by night and days. Animals and human trespassing as they wish mtf. After I put up the fence nothing cross even neighbors dogs. I don’t why Americans demrats are very stupid criticizing President all of nonsense mtf. He works hard for country bringing back jobs and money back to America. Get out a lot WBA’s deal that stupid nigger Obama into. Signed many great deals bring money to USA. Stop mtf China want to controls the world. With out President Trump we all dead by Chino in 2025 don’t you get that animals betray Americans. Trump is millions times better than crooked Hilary sex predator Clinton and stupid nigger Obama and old ugly dumb ass Pelosi combined. Live like Americans human cnn stop broadcasting fake news animals

  2. And another thing: Any bonehead who thinks "Mexicans are stealing our jobs", should accompany me, in the early morning hours when I go downstairs and check my buildings on security dawn-patrol. (I am a former superintendent). You would see a car pull up in the dark, and a young person, (usually a woman from Ecuador, or Mexico) run out, a heavy pile of newspapers in her arms, the New York Times. She will toss them with skill worthy of the Mets..and then run on down to another door, and another, all along the block. The delivery service that hires these people to do the job many of us would shun – is the largest employer of the undocumented in the metropolitan NY area. They know who they are. No advancement, no future, no health insurance, minimal wage if that. They deliver papers in the pre-dawn, 24/7…365. Each and every day. And they are grateful for an opportunity, even one, dead-end and thankless. Ironic huh? So, if any of you out there are interested in a plum job, (I mean a job these people are stealing from YOU) LMK, I can hook you up. I speak Spanish and know all the right people.

  3. It's sad that America "the Greatest" needs The Media to do a Fact Check behind Trump The President of the United States of America because the so called Conservative Christian lies constantly!!!SMH

  4. Hey, tell you what – my maternal grandmother arrived on Ellis Island as an infant, in HER mother's arms, from Naples, around 1900. Lots of people here… HATED Italians. The idea that 'them guinea foreigners bring disease", was standard xenophobe playbook, even then. The frailest may have died of tuberculosis, which BTW they contracted once they got to the US. So, excuse me while I chuckle. My best ESL student from Sub Saharan Africa came here in the early 2000's. He developed malaria while in Africa, and recovered. Though his baby daughter never made the trip: you see, she died of mosquito borne malarial meningitis – she is buried, back in his home country.

  5. The President is suffering from dementia! He is confabulating, and he sounds like a small child. He must leave office right away and be taken care of properly. He has gotten steadily worse. He is incompetent. It is cruel to allow this man to embarrass himself daily before the world. The American people deserve better, the Republicans will pay for this horrible conduct at the polls, and Donald trump needs to be rescued from people who are using his illness to further their own agendas. This is a national security issue.

  6. Oh brother, hack Tapper trying to b-e-n-d the conservation to mean one thing instead of another.
    The guy is a globalist goone.
    He has lost a lot of respect from Americans all over this nation.
    Tapper will never cover the Hillary investigation going on right now by the FBI.
    Tapper will never cover the sale of uranium to Russia by Obama and Hillary.
    Tapper will never cover the Russian Collusion scandal that has been going on for two years, yet has produced nothing.
    On and on I could go.
    Yet people still listen to this fake journalist.

  7. We well-educated Europeans think that Donald Trump is an uneducated joke.
    How come Americans voted for Fred Flintstone?
    Apologies to Wilma and Barney….Yab a dabba…. dooooo.

  8. What an amazing woman Nancy Pelosi is what does age matter if you have a brain.It was very rude for The President to talk over her
    I think she is an asset to the Democrats.I am from Uk but my sis lives in Florida I hope for her sake Mr Trump leaves soon as to be a leader it’s not all about forcing your will on others it’s compromise and diplomacy both things Mr Trump is incapable of

  9. Trumpian/neo nazi logic: Ok, accept this horribly flawed, and absurd,
    premise ie. Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Terrorist, trying to destroy
    America; accept it without evidence, and in the presence of counter
    evidence, because my entire argument past that tiny little detail is
    rock solid. Trust me on this, I'm a white man, like you.

  10. You just repeat what I say. If I said something that was filmed or
    recorded- but then I say I didn't say that then that's what you say. If
    something you see or hear looks factual to you but I say its fake news
    or untrue then that's what you say. If I say Putin is great then you say
    Putin is great. No matter what you may hear that contradicts what I
    say. If I say perhaps a certain Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia maybe
    didn't know about something yet the whole world clearly see him as
    guilty- you say he is possibly innocent. If I hire globalist corporate
    swamp rats to fleece our tax dollars for profit then you say I'm
    draining the swamp. If I say a woman is a whore and I never even met her
    yet paid her thousands of dollars you say that Donald Trump is a good
    father and Christian who never rent a womans body for pleasure. I
    literally could go one for hours but I hope you now understand what MAGA
    really means. NO COLLUSION!

  11. The environment for job creation is reaching a crisis. We have a record number of unfilled jobs and 3.5 million baby boomers retiring every year. There are not enough workers to fill new jobs they create. Job creation without filling those jobs doesn't do anything for the economy. Which is why wages are still stagnant.

    We need millions more workers.

    Now if there were just people who wanted to get in to the country and work, we could probably solve the problem. Anybody got an ideas?

  12. Democrats are so brain dead they think walls don't work……but Doors do? They use a door at their house and a wall in the backyard, but to a far left commie in 2018, that doesn't make sense?

  13. TOO BAD JAKE is too lazy to Travel to the southern Boarder and talk to the Immigration Officers.. It's cheaper for CNN, than send his LAZY ass to the boarder

  14. CHUCK, NANCY and Joe Biden already Voted for the wall , When Obama was in the Office. Back than the Left wanted the wall, but Republicans voted against it…IT'S NOT ABOUT THE WALL, it's about Trump..IF Trump voted against the wall, all Democrats will vote for the wall…

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