1. Facebook? What's that… I'll have nothing to do with FB or any other social platforms because they monitor and sell information on everything we do. I deleted my Facebook account at least 6 years ago and glad I did. You should too!

  2. I've deleted my Facebook account a few months ago. No regrets : once you've stepped out of it, it feels like you've been liberated from some drug. Trust me, delete your account.

  3. How about some positive impacts made by Facebook in the past 15 years? 0?
    This is no different than
    – blaming the car for killing people, being the biggest source of pollution ….
    – blaming cellphone for radiation, social isolation, fraud
    – …
    NYT, I know you have a big data team that uses the latest Machine Learning tech to analyze traffic to your page.
    Probably you can shut down your VPN and intro-net, ask all your employees to give up their cell phone and ride a horse home.
    No, then your next article would complaint about the horse littering on the streets of NYC …
    NYT, I used to have much higher expectation of you than a simple sarcastic whiner.
    no more.

  4. I don't know if this is geared towards Facebook or the fact the Free Speech should be regulated do to the platform raises such actions from people. Maybe it seems that the people using Facebook are malicious robots created to incite hate and harm on a peaceful people. The only ones grateful are the victims of solved murders ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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