Ex-police chief rips Jussie Smollett prosecutors

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Former DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey tells CNN’s Brooke Baldwin the Jussie Smollett case “stinks” and needs to be looked at more closely. #CNN #News


  1. when future Generations refer to somebody as a Democrat it will quite likely be an insult synonymous with words like hypocrite dishonest condescending Etc. do you dems have no shame. it surely is shameful to call this Justice.

  2. Don lemonade and fake news CNN he is guilty. Smollet is a criminal. Keep making excuses for this criminal. He incited violence. He lied right into the camera he is guilty.

  3. Dems asked him to do it. His first publiisict probably approached him and was like “I have a great opportunity for you” and his dumbass took the bait. No more dignified people anymore, just a few! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. It’s not the first time. Corrupted system was rigged since the dawn of time, but one word called CONSPIRACY THEORY because of no proofs. This case (J. Smollet) was so public or polarized because of evidence and witnesses.

  5. CNN script…how can CNN complain…that corruption is the way chicago does things…..no accountability. no charge for laws broken….Chiago kills 18 people and all the attention goes to this La-dee-Daa….Just admit it…the minority…the liberal elite get a break and the rest of us ….the Hate is how these elite go over on everybody else………………Collusion..

  6. Maybe what people need to do is focus on mueller case, its not done,,when someone tries to take our president out, by smears , lies, inuendo, ,we need to look at that,,because it could happen to another president dem or gop

  7. Also gets people distracted away from the real story, the mueller case,,that dems n3ver had any evidence against trump, but they kept the hoax up,,now the focus , is to keep peoples thoughts off if the mueller report,, and what was purposefully done to trump and his campaign for 2 years,,smeared his name for that time, when they knew he wasnt guilty,,the dems dont want people talk>ng about it,,they want to change the news cycle,,,whether its the smoilett case, anything to change the subject off of them,,today its healthcare,,c,n,n, and the rest are only talking healthcare, not green new deal, because that failed,

  8. Jussie used the influence of his high powered friends (Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Kim Foxx), whole thing should be investigated. The lies are worse than Jussie's lies. Kim Foxx says records were sealed in error, so reverse that air, open the records and have some real transparency. Jussie and everyone who colluded to get him off are low-lifes

  9. That's the whole purpose of a trial. Both parties present their cases and let the judge or jury decide who wins. Whatever Smolletts team presented the prosecutors should've been confident enough to try and beat it in court. I agree with Charles. Let's start looking into these prosecutors because why seal the evidence if you're dropping the charges..

  10. Jussie is guilty, bought off by rich contacts,,if he wasnt guilty, why seal the documents, grand jury indicted him on 16 charges,,people at the hospital were fired for giving up info,, if it were regular people we would never have gotten out,, a big fat coverup,, rich people bought off d,a, office,,they sealed documents, so no one could see, what really happened, court records sealed, just showed how people with friends , who have money, can be bought off,

  11. They said its no a violent case ..and that the major priority is violence based cases.. so they don’t think it’s worth the time in court .. it does skinks ..

  12. Only someone who's liberal and has connections to powerful could get away with this. That's the ruling class for you run by liberal elites where they protect their own. Meanwhile Trump is the bad guy right? This is a great example for you guys to see who the real establishment is in this country and how Trumps biggest sin is that he opposes them.

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