Ex-Obama health official: GOP making same argument

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Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius tells CNN’s John Berman that Republicans have not come up with a replacement healthcare plan since former President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. #CNN #News


  1. If taking away people's healthcare doesn't show the republican voters that their party doesn't give a damn about them and their well being nothing will . In a way I hope they do get rid of Obama care just so America sees the GOP for what it really is and completely reject it in 2020 – voting for a republican is idiocy , it's voting against your own interests out of spite , racial and cultural resentment

  2. The GOP is completely owned by the NRA and health insurance companies. It is crystal clear that Republicans do not care about Americans when they do NOTHING about gun violence and take away our healthcare.

  3. This is what the Republican party in all about take from the Americans that can't defend themselves. The elderly in nursing homes and the mentally handicapped. Over half of the American population is over 50 years old and have healthcare needs. Most of them vote. They will express this in the 2020 elections.

  4. Trump don’t make decisions he is totally incompetent. All the billionaires around him such as big oil, education and of course health insurance can make policy . Just take a look who is around him .

  5. CNN is now going to lie about health care. We know they lied about the collusion. Obamacareless there are 327 million people in the US. Less than a 5th of them are using this coverage.
    Poor can't afford it or the fines they get if they don't have it. They are fined per adult not the family. I could afford it but chose the fines. Fines were cheaper than the premiums.
    Because of being forced to have health care coverage, other insurers have raised their deductibles. Obamacareless is messed up in so many ways. The main thing alone is that Obamacareless is forcing Americans to pay for something some just can't afford. The government has enough problems with what they are not taking care of now. Let the private sector handle health care and drive the prices back down. Democrats will soon run every aspect of our lives if you let them.

  6. I am a liberal Dem who voted for Bernie & Hillary. WakeTFU!!! It's the Dems' fault that Trump won. Maybe after Roe v Wade is overturned and Obamacare is gutted and overturned, and the environment is toxic to all life, and global warming has become an existential disaster, and the Corporations become legally more important than people, the Dems will get off their lazy derrières (I was going to write “asses”, but I wouldn't want to offend the Mule & Donkey PC police) and pass laws to help those who used to live middle class lives get paid a living wage.

  7. It's plain and simple. All the white presidents didn't create a health system for all, Clinton tried but couldn't defeat the interests affected. Here comes the first Black president and Boom, creates the system. They just want to abolish the obama legacy but they are late in the game. This is already part of history and no matter what they do, they won't erase it.

  8. Shit, Im a healthy guy but I had to pay into this fucking system when I had no use for it. It aint fair to me that I had to be forced into this bullshit so I can have money sucked out from my paychecks to pay for everyone else’s healthcare. I hate it especially if I have to pay for fucking lazy fat fucks that do nothing but eat and gain weight and cant work because they are too obese. Fucking bs

  9. America is heading to be the worst shithole in the world. Millions of people dying in agony with no medical care. Don’t expect “medecin sans frontier “ to step in. We’re busy in Africa.

  10. Sorry guys, unfortunately, you have to sacrifice to your healthcare so Trump can pay for the tax cuts to his rich buddies.
    Please don't die so fast maybe he needs more cash.

  11. Creepy News Network will tell more lies to the people. That's what they always do.. Why would we expect anything different..? And America will be great again… FY! Very much….

  12. Shit like this and the OPPOSITION to raising the minimum wage are the hallmark of the PARTY OF the RICH they WOULD let their won DUMB ASS DIRT POOR ASS VOTERS suffer and or die WHILE THEY work for STARVATION WAGES in POVERTY CAN'T afford to get sick all over a statue where general Lee's horse took a shit or a confederate flag

  13. the aca was designed to fail. Osama has-been new the cost would go thru the roof and the co pays would bankrupt people. so they could move to a power grab with single payer. that would put tens of thousands out of work.

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