1. Erin. Your face. Is. Fuller from. A. Year. Ago. When. Last. Seen. C. N. N. Stress. Makes. One. Over. Eat. Yes. Media. Preached. Hate. Hate. Hate. On. My. President. That's. Why. Your. Ratings. R. Low

  2. Probably not a good idea for President Trump to attack Obamacare at this time, without a real solid, practical, do-able, detailed alternative. Attacking Obamacare may slightly appeal to the fewest core supporters, but does nothing to swing moderates over to Trump's side. A better tactic would be to attack the do nothing, obstructing, liberal infested, dysfunctional Wiemar Republic style congress, on points that will appeal the the center. E.g.: H.R.6275 – Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2018
    -115th Congress (2017-2018) This act was supported by President Trump and Republicans, but was blocked by democrats, and died in committee. There are dozens of acts that reflect 'democrat' agendas that the democrats in congress are blocking, just to disrupt President Trump. This is where the conversation should focus upon.

  3. Poor Erin! Always traumatized by the "painful" aspects of reality. This is why women don't belong in politics or the media. They get emotional, and then they become entirely irrational — which means, what they say and "think" has no relation to factual reality or practical problem-solving.

  4. Great. Trump should just go opposite of what the Dems want and pull some reverse psychology so that Congress will actually work to get things done. Instead of "what? Trump wants it then we don't . "

  5. The disastrous healthcare failure, known as Obamacare, has been torpedoed broadside, and is bobbing in the water waiting to sink. Another stunning victory for your 45th president, Donald J Trump.

  6. Most distasteful woman in the news !
    IF WE'RE here to HELP , Then WHAT the HELL are THEY here for ?
    SOURCES SAY: Elite Democratic/Government, with they'er NEWS MEDIAS (CNN,CBS,MSNBC,CBS,CBSN,WASHINGTON POST and MANY MOREwith they're Accusations ,assumptions and down right lies .Journalist are ruthless human beings.Completely heartless.Anything for a story.Following the push of the DEMOCRATIC ELITE , known Racist,bigots,kkk members/related.Along with 90% of ALL News medias , Out here feeding the sheep.VERY SAD! You's should be ashamed of yourselves ! Aside from all that, I quote:
    "They use they're Schools to teach lies and tell them that there President is another Hitler.

    They use they're Movie stars and Singers and Comedy personnel πŸ˜‰ to spread Accusations and lies!

    They use there ANTIFA movement to march and Protest, Fight, scream racism,Bully and Terrorizing people. Screaming sexism,Homophobia slanders.Blocking roadways,Bridges,Slowing emergency Vehicles….Factual Truths !

    Democratic socialism is Killing America.
    The only option left is to STOP THE MADNESS with clenched fist ( NRA πŸ™‚

    President Donald Trump made us promises and he is doing his very best,against you's to keep them.
    He has only started πŸ™‚ TRUMP 2020

    OH, So where is all this Russian collusion You hoped Cohen had πŸ™‚ ?
    Impeachment ? And collusion all the other Media/Dem lies ?

    IF WE'RE (here to HELP , Then WHAT the HELL are THEY here for ?

    TRUMP 2020 Guaranteed !

  7. "The Mueller report was great"? It's not even out yet, moron. Even William Barr's summary stated that Trump is not exonerated, but I guess he's gotta feel like he won something right? Never mind the fact that half his campaign is now in prison and there's documented proof that he and his cronies tried to collude with Russia. That doesn't matter as long as a Trump appointee spins the Mueller report in a way that doesn't explicitly implicate Trump himself. I would say that somebody ought to remind Trump that he and his campaign still face multiple criminal investigations that could end the Trump administration outright, but this brow-wiping party at the White House is giving Democrats some good political weapons for 2020, so I say let it continue! In fact, please go on threatening to punish the Republican-filled Mueller team and making unpopular moves and statements, Donald!

  8. Obama, the great savior of Civilization, should be shown for what he truly is, a Liar Phony Traitor who now has been exposed. By the way where is he hiding? I have not seen his Highness anyplace. Look at the scoundrels he surrounded himself with… Brenner, Clapper, Comey. All 3 who have been caught lying to Congress.

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