Epic’s New Store Is Anti-Consumer, Under-Cooked and Dividing the PC Community

Lamon Gamon is back again for a bit of a discussion today.

Recent news has broke on exclusive content that will be on the Epic Games Store.. and the real question is, is this good for the PC master race?…

We discuss.



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  1. Do you know how badly I want bloodborne for the pc? Exclusives are silly. There’s no way I’m buying a PlayStation just to play bloodborne but I would buy it in a second if it dropped on steam

  2. the only 'steam competitor' that i have installed are uplay(i buy on steam) and gog. gog i use for old games which will actually RUN, vrs steam just giving me the original and forced to make it run myself. origin? no. i was skeptical of epic's store, but i hoped it did well so steam would be forced to change for the better. now? fuck it. if they walk back those descisioons, then ill consider it. but not right now.

    or not. just took a look. seems they are offering free games, presumably to help get their store off the ground. right now you can get subnautica for free. much like i keep twitch prime linked to my amazon prime for those free games, ill take free games for your service. your service is shit, and twitch gsames is beyond bare bones, but hey, the games are FREE. if origin did that, id have it installed as well. i can put aside my loathing for your company if you are handing out free stuff.

  3. So I don't really see how these "exclusives" are a problem, when all you needa do is just download another client to access them. If they were charging for Epic's platform and THEN making shit exclusive that would be wack but like wtf…all you gotta do is just download that shit and play it there.

    It's not like an Xbox or Playstation where you gotta buy the fuckin console to get the exclusives, you just gotta download a fucking app and run it on the PC you already own. You can play it with ALL your steam friends all they gotta do is download the app too.

    Wtf is the problem here?

  4. Is it really ''exclusives'' through different game storefronts online when they are all accessible through any pc? The whole thing with ps/x1 is that they are seperate hardware. literally right?

  5. So their arguments against the Epic store are as follows…

    1. No way to rate or review games.
    2. Annoying refund system that discourages using it.
    3. Exclusives = bad
    4. It is incomplete

    Alright, I do agree with their first point, there should be a way to at least rate games on the site. When it comes to review bombing Steam avoids that with the whole "recent reviews" and "all time reviews" thing. No reason epic cannot do something similar.

    As for point 2. This argument has been invalidated with the recent changes to the refund system by Epic.

    And finally the big one. Point 3…I never subscribed to the theory of "exclusives = bad" for the same reason that I like it when companies are competing, they are forced to add value in some way to make it more attractive to their consumers and/or (as in this case) providers. If a company makes their game exclusive its usually because the developer (the providers of the games we buy) was offered a good deal to do so (as you said in the video). So naturally steam will have to do so in kind to compete, meaning developers are treated better and have more cash to make better games that we can buy cheaper. Steam and Epic will both have to focus on keeping both the consumer and the developer happy in order to keep up.

    As for point 4, steam wasn't that great either when it first came out. Plenty of time for things to get better, we will just have to see.

    One last thing. It would probably be a good idea to be more accurate with your information. I say this because you were pretty vague when explaining a lot of your points (especially point 2), forcing me to go look it up for myself to truly understand what you were talking about.

  6. the epic store is free to use though. so what the game is exclusive to the epic store, or the steam store. you can still get the game without buying a new system. as far as companies removing their games from steam, everyone talks like its epic's fault. its not their fault! its the game developers fault! if a developer has promised to put their game on steam and before release they change it to a different platform, thats their fault and they are the ones who deserve consumer backlash. its possible epic may have paid them to switch over, but the developers are the ones who chose to switch.

    Epic is making sound business decisions, that are causing/hopefully will cause competition between steam and themselves.

  7. I love you guys, and I like how you broke this down and the issues you have with this.
    But I’m gonna be honest, the Exclusive isn’t honestly that bad. Because, as it was stated, the store free to download. It’s not like Console exclusives where you have to shell out around $300 for a whole new system for a specific game. Is it annoying? Yes, absolutely. But I really do feel that it’s not an issue at all compared to things like their refund policy and the fact that the store isn’t feature complete. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. Who asked for this? i cant think on a single PC gamer who said we need another platform in addition to Steam. I literally cant think of one person, and i have a shit ton of friends who are PC gamers. Fuck Epic Games!!!

  9. what exclusivity? Those are STORES. Were they phisical stores no one would be saying a thing- people are forgetting what PC is, confusing 'store app' with gaming and plataform. Your plataform is PC. Theres a thing called shortcuts. Theres no fragmentation on pc, only MADE UP. Its no hassle closing the store app after closing a game. Sure one menu-library would be more convenient, but thats such a small thing compared to a healthier and more competitive landscape (and one that is benefitting small devs)- and heck theres tons of ways of having a 'one library', from simple shortcuts to other apps if you feel fancy.

    'What about my friends?!' some say- heck your friends shouldn't be locked in one app anyway, it only got to this point because of steams headstart. We have Discord for example, wich does a better job and probably will continue to do so (being dedicated to that). Things like discord would have appeared sooner (and more of then) if the pc crowd weren't caught by Steam's web so quickly.

    Sounds like people afraid of changing browser because their bookmarks are all in the previous one. Its pc fgs. Seems like everything is getting dumbed down this day and age- no 'master race' to be seen anymore… sound like console players 😛

  10. As a consol player…… I pray for the PC players out there!! I hope enough ppl stand up, decline it! The best part, it is brand new, so if it flops now, they WILL take it back!

    Also, if this BS gets by….What if they try and charge monthly/yearly for something else, taking place of the charge we, as consol players, pay for internet!


  11. NO! Steam does NOT give refunds no questions asked if you played for less than 2 hours. I played a DLC that was broken for 20 min's and they wouldn't give me a refund on it because…

    "You have played this DLC for 200 hours in the last 24 hours."

    I'm. Not. Joking.

    I put out around 12 tickets trying to reason with them and they all got shot down with copy / paste responses. Seriously, fuck Steam.

  12. Amazon's push for twitch as a gaming hub included offering some games for free to Amazon Prime members. I feel this was a great marketing strategy that didn't include the need for exclusives. I'm not sure they've taken any bites out of Steam's market-share yet, since most of the games given away were obscure or older titles, but it was a great start idea.

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