Doctor in powerless hospital wants everyone to see this

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Seventeen people have died in Venezuela’s massive power outage, “murdered” by the government of President Nicolas Maduro, opposition leader Juan Guaido alleged Sunday.

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  1. Oh look at this very objective coverage about Iraq from 2003 when Saddam Hussein was an inhumane dictator and mistreating his own people. He has to go (OIL)…oh i‘m sorry this is obviously Lybia in 2011 where Gaddafi is responsible for the suffering of countless civilians. He has to go (OIL)……My mistake this is certainly Syria today, where Bashar Al Assad is definitely gassing his own people. He has to go (OIL)…. No one with two living neurons would believe this blatant propaganda, be it CNN, FOX or MSNBC

  2. Mossad and CIA fucking pigs took down the dam and energy for the psycho nazi US mother fucking pigs that have been after Venezuela for decades lying treasonous pigs of CNN! US gov are Nazi whores! NWO IS GOING DOWN!

  3. How was this uploaded to the web if there is no power?

    Former President Jimmy Carter said that “Venezuela has the most transparent and cleanest elections of any country in the world." Can we say that about the hackable elections in the USA? Should the USA follow Venezuela example of avoiding elections stolen by foreign governments? If Nicolás Maduro is a dictator for being elected in what Jimmy Carter calls the most transparent and cleanest elections of any country in the world, is Nicolás Maduro a dictator?
    Maybe it is time to turn off comments like you did at

  4. It pains me to listen to this nonsense and proves Trump correct that the MSM is an enemy of the people and controlled by those who seek to engage in crimes against humanity. Guaido colluded with the US to destroy his nation. The US stole tens of billions of dollars from the Venezuela people and then this guy used the situation of the US sending in a few crumbs to engage in a propaganda campaign against his country. Guaido should be shot for treason for plotting with the enemies of his nation against the Venezuelan people. His lies have been exposed by Glenn Greenwald, Greg Palast, Jeremy Scahill and Aaron Mate' -all the gold standard in US and international journalism. Why is it the American people constantly fall for this CIA nonsense. All true republicans were shown by the Freedom Caucus exactly how corrupt the CIA is. All Trump supporters know the CIA is corrupt and even attempted regime change in the US. Now these same clowns and criminals are asking the American people to support their crimes in Venezuela. END THE DEEP STATE NOW!

  5. Tell Richard Branson to stop the concert & tell the USA/BRITISH GOVERNMENT to stop sabotaging them. No more Sanctions! Make a deal on the terms of the Venezuelan people not that fake president Juan Guaido

  6. 5 million Americans live in 3rd world conditions and 45,000 Americans die each year because they can't afford healthcare or medication, and Flynt Michigan still doesn't have clean drinking water. And yet the "dictator" of Venezuela provides free healthcare to thier people, and only 17 people have died because of the US regime change power outage. I'm pretty sure alot more people died in Florida when they lost power and had to take the elderly out of those shitty facilities because they DID NOT have generators. Don't believe the lies and propaganda.

  7. I think CNN has it wrong. It is the US who is imposing the suffering in Venezuela with their sanctions which is siege warfare and is illegal. Further, they have now killed people with their cybernetic weapons. The unlucky places where the US goes to "save" the people from the "brutal dictators' are always destroyed and left with thousands of dead. Here we have one more war, thus more people will be murdered and all for the oil the Koch brothers want for their refineries in Texas. I believe that sooner than later, justice will come knocking on the US door and CNN? Justice will come to you as well. I am amazed at people. How many times has the US told the same story, hurried to "save" the people and never actually saved anyone?

  8. Murdered by the government of Donald Trump waging cyberwar against an inoffensive country. And Marco Rubio is making jokes about these people dying!! Marco Rubio is a human turd.

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