DJI's Robot War-Games on Wheels

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DJI’s RoboMaster S1 is the drone maker’s first ever ground-based robot. It’s a toaster-sized device that people can build at home and turn into a battle bot, complete with lasers, bullets and loads of A.I. software. Hello World’s Ashlee Vance and his two young sons got the exclusive first look at the new product.


  1. Ashlee the host really frustrates me on these segments. These are amazingly cool videos talking about amazing topics but they often feel like Ashlee is going through the motions. I feel like he was told he had to cover these subjects that he secretly likes but is pretending not to like them. “Yeah robotics are cool I guess and teaching kids to code in a fun and interactive is probably fun for ya know nerds pffft of which I’m not but if I was I’d probably be a cool nerd like this.” Maybe I’m wrong it wouldn’t kill him to elaborate on these cool ideas and show some enthusiasm for them. He does find great topics though

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