Democrats seize on question of obstruction of justice

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Attorney General William Barr said in a letter to Congress the special counsel found “evidence on both sides of the question” of whether President Trump obstructed justice.


  1. Prosecutors drop all charges against Jussie Smollett to create story for news because they can't handle covering this Mueller investigation result. Do the democrats think they can have their own Justice? They think we're that stupid? What connection does this have to the democratic party?

  2. While ABC and the democrats have been wasting time with the Russian investigation, Putin has now placed two nuclear bombers and and troops in Venezuela. No where, do you find this newsworthy item on ABC News. ABC is still trying to hand tie our President while a very shrewd opponent is taking advantage of our fumbling. It sure would have been nice if Trump could have engaged Putin in meaningful dialogue two years ago without top democrats screaming collusion and "we want to see Trump's translators notes" from the time he did meet with Putin. The democratic party today is not of the same caliber as the party of John Kennedy.

  3. What did the Mueller report conclude? The Democrats are full of $hit. In the the 2 years you obsessed over Mueller you could have done something constructive to benefit the country but Democrats still cant get over the 2016 election loss.

  4. From the moment Trump fired Comey and asked for Sessions’ resignation, which is Trump’s right, democrats and the media have been panicking that Trump would fire mueller or have Whitaker or Barr fire him. Never happened. Trump had no motive to fire mueller or obstruct. He knew he was innocent and wanted the investigation to come to an end and wanted the country to hear ‘no collusion’ from mueller himself.

  5. i am not a democrat and yet you, abc news, make division even in you headline on this piece. are you guys stupid or corrrupt? that seems to be the ? for everyone …. you know… the regular people.

  6. Barr was put in the position to squash mueller investigation… barr is Mueller’s boss… after 37 indictments and several of trump’s criminal buddies in prison.. and suddenly trump is innocent??? This smells sooo putrid!!

  7. so funny that almost everyone around trump have been found guilty on many counts but trump n his family haven't found guilty in any wrong doing 😂 nicely done 😂 DICTATOR BECAME PROTECTOR 😂

  8. Even if there was no collusion, it's still clear Trump benefitted from Russian interference. We must never forget that Trump denied over and over Russia Interference even our intelligence and the Mueller report confirms it.

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