Debate: Is captaincy still relevant in modern football? – Premier League Tonight

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Following Jose Mourinho’s clash with Paul Pogba over the captaincy at Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, Jermaine Jenas, and Steve McManaman discuss the importance of the armband in the modern game.




  1. There's captain and there's CAPTAIN! Keane, Adams, Terry, Vieira, Gerrard… they are real CAPTAIN! They're leaders, passionate and manager's right hand on the pitch… and there are your standard captains who just have the job because they do their abc right everyday.

    No offence to United fans… why is Valencia captain? He doesn't even speak fluent English… no doubt he gives 100% lead by example on the pitch, the way he plays I'm sure he's a strong character… obviously not sure what goes on in the background and what he does for the players and club… but surely he's not United captain… it sort of shows the stat of United's squad… no real leaders… no real experienced united players.

  2. when wenger was manager of arsenal this would not even be up for discussion as it was deemed wrong and wenger got slated many times because of it…. now apparently it's part of the modern game… pfft.

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