Cyberpunk 2077 – HUGE INFO! Latest News, Gameplay Features, Multiplayer, Weapons, Open World & More

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  1. This game sounds awesome. No scratch that. Epic! I love the cyberpunk and sci-fi genres. This game gives me a Ghost In The Shell vibe and I love it! I wonder if we'll be able to design our own characters?

  2. This question is a serious one. One of the biggest things I've hated about Witcher 3 is how it implemented the wanted system. Granted, this is the same reason I hate GTA for – your wanted scope is more likely result in your death, rather than anything else. Which means you aren't likely to escape(56 star is almost impossible, unless you know how to cheese hard), there is no possibility to just hide or outgun the police, it just feels way out of league for a game about stealing cars and shooting guns.
    Same for Witcher 3, every guard was like +20 levels over you and could 2-3 shot you, regardless of your level. Before some nerfs, yes, a certain bear-alchemy build could be invulnerable, while dealing insane AoE damage from bleed that you could take on the Nilfgard army camp head on, but this is an exception. More likely than not, you'd have to Axi and run, because even killing the guard was "not" intended. What happens if you are caught in Skyrim? You reload. What happens if you are caught in Divinity? You reload. Yes, here you didn't have to reload, there was no reputation(you are already at the bottom) or anything to lose from aggroing the guards.
    But there has to be some fine line between a downright "reload" scenario and forced "you are not playing the game the way you should". Maybe a small fee or some sort of reaction of the outside world in Witcher 3, or a system of canceling the wanted level in GTA…
    I mean, I am feared as a "deadly" "scoundrel" being a Witcher. Regardless of what I do. Why, if I am a peaceful kleptomaniac – do I not at least have a chance to defend myself. And why, if I am tired of it all, can't I literally be what people call me?

    This question of +10 levels and headshot really rang that bell to me, as if there'd be some police(duh) that controls you activities, at least it should be manageable, possibly with a skill requirement.

  3. Just hoping enemies aren't going to be bullet sponges, the division turned around so many people because of it. There is no satisfaction in landing a great or lucky shot when it comes to bullet sponges. My suggestion would be to go deus ex rute by having different types of ammo (example: ap for high lvl enemies). This way you could justify that if you use "standard ammunition" on higher lvl enemies they would be killable BUT it would take a lot of rounds to pierce through their armor, and on the flip side if you use ap ammunition they would fall in few shots. Of course this would also mean that high lvl enemies use higher tech "toys" so you would still need correct tactics and patience to take them down. High risk high reward kind of thing, this is just a thought tho

  4. Actually… Now I feel I know less, as now it looks that there are some problems inside CDPR… So… Now I am VERY suspicious what it will come and… When ?!?! Maybe in 2020… I really LOVE Witcher 3 (and of course 1 and 2 😉 ) and CCPR Customer aproach, but… We will see in a year or two…

  5. Resident Evil 4 did an awesome job with headshots. Early encounters had enemies sprouting up tentacles if they were inflicted with a headshot. Late game enemies had helmets or metal skulls, which forced players to change their strategy slightly.

    Since cyborgs will be the enemy in CP 2077, then hopefully they'll include some of these elements.

  6. Well talking about the headshot… I remember how player progression was accomplished in Deus Ex. You shouldn't only consider a progression as a damage increase to the opponent. I would rather consider a player progression in gaining and perfecting skills like aiming accuracy etc.. But headshot is a headshot no matter how high the level of the opponent.

  7. I hope they follow through with the multiplayer option. At least co-op. Single player games just have little to no longevity for me, personally. It was something I always felt was lacking in Witcher 3. Even the option to bring in a friend to play Lambert or Eskel on a higher difficulty would have been amazing.

  8. I really feel if I was forced to constantly use my skills in order to 'keep them up to speed', then the game would need to require said use. I am NOT looking forward to playing a game where I'm forced to do pointless grind sidetasks to maintain the level of skills I might need at some point in the future, unless such grinding could be seamlessly integrated into the normal progression of the game to the point where it wouldn't feel like I was even grinding.

    If that's the case, then make skill decay only apply to certain rewarding, specialized skills. For example, most people who learn math can still do it without constantly having to run calculations in their head, but a rocket scientist or computer analyst needs to keep up with their advanced math skills or they're not likely to be very good at them.

  9. When I first saw the trailer come out on CP channel in 2013 it was on trending. I was 18 and literally couldn't wait for it to come out, rumors were going around that it would be released beginning of 2018. I come back to see if anything has surfaced and all I get was it may be released in late 2019… I WILL BE A MOTHER BY THEN IM NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. But respect to them for not rushing it, I am pretty sure the game is going to be life changing.

  10. I hate to be a jerk but my main concern is that companies are advertising for unfinished games way too early.

    If Cyberpunk 2077 was advertised or teased way back in 2012 that’s 6 years of waiting. Much like Kingdom Hearts 3, when it finally does come out will I care? Will you care?

    We’re humans and we aren’t going to live forever so why are companies taking so long to make games these days? Perhaps more importantly, why has taking a decade to make games become the norm and accepted?

    How long is too long? Should companies really be advertising unfinished games? Why has “polish” become the buzzword that usually accompanies a new excuse for a game developer to use to explain away a setback in development? Why do people rush to the company’s aid doing their P.R. work for them?

    These are honest and burning questions that should be seriously pondered and considered.

  11. From the Tabletop perspective, all damage inflicted was inflicted on specific bodyparts, with every bodypart, including the head, having a separate armor value. That value was a flat number that was subtracted from all damage that the hit limb recieved, and any damage that was inflicted to the head (after subtracting armor) was doubled. Additionally, if any limb suffered more than 8 unmodified damage in a single hit (after subtracting armor) then the character simply lost the limb due to catastrophic damage. This included the head. Take 8 or more damage beyond the heads armor value and you simply die. For perspective, most pistols, rolled multiple d6 for damage and could fire multiple rounds a turn. Assault rifles easily roll more dice and can fire dozens of rounds a turn. Neither is prohibitively expensive. Dying is easy. Damage is easy to come by, but armor is only so effective, and you can only wear so much of it.

    This brutal system of combat (and cyberpunk is a brutal system) means that combat is always risky. Armor is super important, as is seizing the initiative and avoiding encounters with multiple enemies unless you have a very defensible position. I think this would honestly be an interesting direction to take the game. Keep combat brutal and difficult, but only if you are careless. You can wear head protection (and should) or take cybernetic upgrades to toughen your skin or skeleton to improve your defenses. Force players to embrace the world that they are playing in- force them to take cybernetics- Not because the cybernetics are automatically given to the player (ala Deus Ex), but because the player themselves want to have them and the advantages they bring.

    Cyberpunk as a setting, at its core, is about a society that is constantly riding the line of what we as a species are capable of doing to our selves and how far we are willing to push the limits of our bodies and minds before we stop being human and freak out. The first trailer for the game shows this very thing. The woman in that trailer is a "cyberpsycho", someone whose mind broke because they could no longer handle the stress of their cybernetic modifications. They stopped seeing themselves as human and lost their sanity.

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