Cuomo: Trump lying to insulate self is a trap

CNN’s Chris Cuomo says President Donald Trump has a history of calling his former personal attorney Michael Cohen a liar, but his tendency to call others liars could have consequences. #CNN #News


  1. If Stormy and McDougal were lesbians who then came out to tell their stories of having putrid sex and love affairs with Hillary, they would have been dead by now. They would have been dead anyway because Hillary leaves no stones unturned and no mouths intact as part of her Clinton Universal Body Count Strategy.

  2. Lying to reporters and/or voters is not, unfortunately, an impeachable offense. A talking head taking umbrage that the orange asshole lies is not grounds for impeachment. Coumo's constant indignation and editorializing has been old for a while now. He is symptomatic of CNN's obvious bias and that makes it as questionable of FOX (gag) News. That being said I both love and hate Robert Mueller's operational security. Please, Mr. Mueller get it dine.

  3. cnn isnt telling the whole story again. they didnt mention cohen was convicted of tax violations and bank fraud. the paying off the hookers wasnt a crime they just put that on the end of the real crimes to get a stab in at Trump.

  4. I like Chris but if he needs to learn how to listen better. He interviews like a beginner musician plays. When you are interviewing someone, often you will get the best stuff when you just stop talking and wait for a totally dead spot and let the subject speak. That's when you get a gem. Watch Larry King.

  5. More CNN fake news, there nothing to investigate, no collusion, payments was legal. stop twisting everything to fit your agenda. The left media are the only ones pushing this narrative. this is a big nothing burger, relax bozos. how about new evidences about the real russia collusion, hillary is in deep trouble, mueller still pushing the fake collusion but no worries his time is coming.

  6. Ugh, Kelly Anne Conway tonight on Chris Cuomo show, Big Mistake, first even inviting her, give her credibility that she does not have, rude, loudmouth liar. I feel so sorry for American neighbours. A lying President who sends out his mouthpieces to repeat the lies, enough times and the lies become truths. Ugly, Trump is a racketeer and will do/say anything.

  7. sad that who was loyal to his boss for paying him but found his guilty accepted hit was mistake to lie to save his boss mr president law should be equal both r guilty n punish should also be mr president n he should face jail he think he has money power billons he can buy a law in his hand no thats not no matter he is current president but he found guilty need to be punish law is equall no man above the law justice need to be brought that president lied everything

  8. It supposed to be collusion not about lies. Every politician and most journalists lie to the public, that is a fact. Take for example, the Iraq war. CNN is enemy of the people. Its obvious the network operators don't like Trump, but the fact is you all lie to the public for your own interests. The public need to dig deep to find truth, never trust news networks.

  9. None of this matters. Until the poor, the dispossessed, the desperate and even the misinformed conservatives are given an alternative champion, they'll keep rooting for the loudest star they have. So Chuck and Nancy can keep enjoying their little victories in the house, and Mueller's team can keep chipping away at the president's crimes, but America will stay divided and volatile until the liberals provide a figurehead who answers the hearts, and not just needs, of the needy.

  10. People that believe in this lies, have been thoroughly and completely brainwashed by the liberal media.   After years of the ENRON scandal, when Bush and Cheney were in office , those daily scandals in the news ended up in no convictions.  "No blood for oil"  Remember the Democrats saying that?  Just lies.  They were media driven scandals also.

  11. You are the biggest liar and Trump hater CUMO on CNN and together with Moron Joe on MSNBC, you guys been wasting your pothetic life energy on twisting facts and hating Trump with no results instead of reporting some real news, bunch of low lives that are obsessed with Trump hate, you Guys really need some medication to get you off this Hate and Bash Trump addiction, no wonder people are sick and tired of mainstream media, its because of garbage people like you guys replacing quality people like Larry King!

  12. Nice try Fake News but u will FAIL AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN because nothing u say or do and all the bashing u do to him MEANS O TO Trump,Trump's Ratings go up and up every time u lie about him but Nice Try keep trying.LIKE Q said Panic in CNN they know what's coming and Nothing can stop what's coming NOTHING.PAIN

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