Cuomo on Trump schedule: Who’s doing the job of the President?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo breaks down a report from Axios that says President Trump spends an average of 60 percent of his time in unstructured executive time. #CNN #News


  1. The reason that CNN has stopped reporting the French riots, Yellow Jackets want their country back by controlling what immigrants enter its borders while Trump wants a wall built 4 the same reason.

  2. His schedule, even some other Presidents' schedules, looks even more pitiful by the standards of university students. The Master's and Ph.D. students here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, especially the ones from developing areas like Bangladesh and Africa, work 12 hours a day on their studies, from 8 am up to 6 pm and then go home for dinner and back again to work on their thesis from 8 pm to 12 midnight and sometimes later! As an editor for these students, I am doing something constructive about 12 hours a day, coffee and brunch, then cleaning for 4 hours in the morning (it takes a LOT of time in Thailand with all the bugs, ants, and flies, especially if dust blows in your room all the time and you have to carry many buckets of water from your bathroom to wash dishes in a basin on the balcony!) and then the other 8 hours afternoon and evening up to midnight or 1 am I'm working on the computer editing, writing, and answering messages, with break only 6:30-8:00 pm for Buddhist chant, radio news, and dinner.

    I always accomplish a minimum of 5 things every day. I do all kinds of irregular overnight shifts when necessary to get work in by deadline for students. And I attend lots and lots and lots of events here in Chiang Mai also, about 60% religious events, get to every major festival. Though the festival season here happens at the same time as the busy season for student work (in the winter), where there are also fewer hours to get things done because it's so cold and night and early morning with no heaters, and then there are slow seasons, like March and June, when there are few events and little student work also. Anyway, I'm busy about 90% of waking time either cleaning, attending an event, doing my editing work on the computer, or handling messages (email, SMS, Skype, LinkedIn, and Google Hangouts) – there is no unstructured time! When I answer messages I do it in very organized way, go straight down through my emails and answer every message and then make a list on paper of all other emails I need to send and send one after the other. So that's highly structured also.

    When I was a student at Emory, back in the early 90s, I had FOUR part-time jobs totalling 30 hours a week (Emory Telefund, Office of International Affairs, the Carter Center, and the Government Document Office of Woodruff Library) and I had an OVERLOAD of classes, 5 advanced-level Political Science and Anthropology classes in my major and minor areas, with lots and lots of coursework, assignments, group projects, and papers. In first two years of Emory, at Oxford campus, I didn't have the jobs, but I had my own typing business part-time, a full course schedule, and was a member of around 15 different student organizations, and an active officer in about 5 of them. We had no email or IM then, only notes under our dorm doors and our student mailboxes, as well as normal postal mail, landphone calls, and university voice mail system.

    I think it is smartphones and IM…people actually get less done now, because they are always being distracted by smartphones and messages, so they constantly change their mind all the time, don't follow their plan for the day or stick with their decisions about what to do. I feel I am less productive now than at any previous time in my life, simply because there are so many constant changes in plans by everyone all the time. Not because I'm in Thailand…in Sri Lanka for 10 years, I had no cellphone and hardly ever used the Internet, yet I managed fine teaching English 15 families and attending lots and lots of events with a hobby as a dancer in religious festivals and a palmist. Only with telegrams and landphone and letters! Up until the year 2000, technology helped us SAVE time, but then it started going in the opposite direction, as it started to make people less decisive, so it started WASTING people's time. So it's not only this President…maybe because he spends so much time on phone and Twitter as opposed to meetings, computer, and email as Obama did.

  3. RIng song I’m sorry to hear you’re so far breathtakingly brainwashed that it’s hopeless for you. Fox News was a brain child of Nixon, but was carried out later for the Republican Party to literally brainwash the people with propaganda. In the beginning when they were called down on misinformation, they simply said ( we are not a News media, we are entertainment) now of course with the dumbing down of America by not educating them, Fox doesn’t have to apologize at all. And you’re a unfortunate uneducated victim

  4. Hey Chris Cuomo, if you have to stay up late at night and keep thinking of ways to make the president look bad then you have a serious problem, more serious than you think. The president is doing his job and is doing it better than any other president in the history of the United States ! The only reason you can’t admit that is because CNN would fire you. You’re just a puppet and nothing more. I guess you’re jealous because your father didn’t make it very far in politics but what can you do ,right !

  5. He has gotten things done Cuomo you idiot. More than any past president in history. His style may be not be all that presidential but results count. Increased GDP, new & better trade deals with Canada, Mexico & South Korean, peace talks with North Korean, job killing regulations slashed to the bone, tax cuts to stimulate business & employment, complete overall of incredibly corrupt VA, including doctor choice for vets who were previously dying on waiting lines, tightened immigration policies, lowest unemployment across the board, negotiations with major corporations to bring their companies & jobs back to America, massive pipeline projects approved which were previously stalled by Obama. The list literally goes on & on. Can't even remember the rest at this moment.

  6. Contact your Congressional Representative and Senators. They
    swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. Article 1 is clear – Founders
    intended Government to be operated on a yearly basis. The Founders intended and
    granted the authority for Congress to over-ride any Presidential Veto by
    providing for 2/3 majority vote to make laws. Tell your Representative and
    Senators to pass veto-proof legislation to keep government open and
    non-partisan. Specifically, advise your Senators and Congressional
    Representative to represent you by sending a veto-proof Continuing Resolution
    ("CR") to fund government operations for the entire fiscal year as
    intended by the Founders. If this action was done just one time, all Presidents
    would learn they should NEVER shutdown the government as a negotiating tool.
    Government operations are supposed to be non-partisan. The Hatch Act prohibits
    government employees from political activity at work! The President, through
    the Office of Management & Budget ("OMB") and the Office of
    Personnel Management ("OPM"), is violating the intent and spirit, if
    not the letter, of the Hatch Act when he directs the Executive Branch to take
    political partisan action by shutting-down the government. The President even
    said he was shutting-down the government to teach everyone a political lesson. Further,
    the President is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") and
    the 13th Amendment, when he compels employees to work without pay
    (compensation). And, Congress and the Supreme Court are both complicit in these
    crimes! Congress because they failed to pass veto-proof CR to keep government
    open. The Supreme Court because they are allowing Executive Branch to compel employees
    to work without pay – The Supreme Court should issue an Order prohibiting
    employees from working without pay. The end result would be a REAL shutdown of
    government operations. Get involved. Send the President and Congress a message
    – stop the shutdowns because they are unlawful!!!

  7. Cuomo’s ratings are in free fall. That’s all he talks about and it’s boring. Nobody is even watching this loser or his dumb show. Trump is the best president we have had in years. Drain the swamp!

  8. Lol now there talking about trump ignoring doctors order about a diet 😂 holy fuck the shit that amazes me , look at Jeff zucker . The ceo of this propaganda . Mabe we should call him racist because he says he hates Mexican food lol

  9. Lazy Motherfucker; You trumptards find this acceptable?? But lemme guess, so long as you get to "own the libs" and trash the legacy of the only black president weve ever had, right?

  10. Cuomo, you must have had a tough childhood, given that your stoopid father was in charge, but do you really have to get on the Cartoon News Network and act like an imbecile EVERY day? Really, how can you live with yourself. You are the very face of evil in our country, and now the blood of the unborn will be on your family, as well. WHAT a moron…

  11. In an alternative reality; (or perhaps a not too far off future).
    TRUMP: Mike with just 10 seconds left of this Presidency, I am going to resign and hand it over to you so you can pardon me.
    PENCE: Pardon me?
    TRUMP: Pardon me.
    PENCE: Pardon me
    TRUMP: No Mikey, listen they are going to throw me in jail if you don't pardon me right now. Say pardon you. Just say that
    PENCE: Pardon me?
    TRUMP: Mikey this is serious, say P A R D O N Y O U
    PENCE: Pardon me.
    FBI: Times up Mr President…hands behind your back

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