Cuomo on girl who died in Border Patrol custody: We can do better

CNN’s Chris Cuomo says government leaders need to address the issues that led to a 7-year-old girl to die while in the custody of the US Border Patrol custody #CNN #News


  1. @ Chris Cuomo:
    YOU and your ilk allowed this to happen.
    Take responsibility for your actions instead of placing blame on those of us who want secure borders.
    YOU continually bash our President's efforts to build the border wall and put a stop to illegal border crossings.
    YOU, YOU, YOU…bear much of the responsibility for this tragic incident.
    How do you sleep at night?

  2. For once CNN admits that the ppl smuggling is a danger to the ppl being smuggled. These ppl are not good guys and are usually involved in criminal gangs. This is just one sad story, I think you will find that this is not a one off. These criminals rape , sell girls into sexual slavery and abandon them with no food or water , steal from them and murder them. This is a problem that needs fixing from the source so ppl are under no illusions about the dangers of dealing with these grubs. Ppl giving these ppl false hope are culpable in their plight.

  3. You are partly right, we are NOT a wall away from safety BUT it is a huge step toward that goal. The organisers NEED to be held accountable for the lies and false promises they are spreading throughout south America. This is being politicised simply as another way to attack this administration. America NEEDS to stop the hate between left and right and common sense action needs to be taken.

  4. Charge the dad with manslaughter for refusing Mexican asylum and dragging is daughter with him to illegally enter yet ANOTHER country. I've been calling CNN fake news for almost 2 decades. Trump is right on that one.

  5. Unfortunately putting your children at risk just isn't worth coming to the US. Dont put them at risk!!!!! But if they do bring their children please realize that they are just that, children. They have no choice. Please help those babies.

  6. Instead of tossing blame around, we need to set up something like designated camp cities below the border and safe routes to those camps so that people seeking asylum have a lawful destination that is safe enough for them to wait and be processed, and where charitable third party organizations can pool resources to provide food and medicine (the U.S. government does not have to pay for everything). Mexican asylum without American assistance is not something that most sane people would trust because of a well-known history of corruption in courts and law enforcement in Mexico (they've been trying to fix it in recent years but it's not enough yet).

  7. What the fuck? Who would ever blame ANYONE but the parents for this death? She went without water for days, her father KILLED her! I can’t say wake up anymore, because if you aren’t awake by now yo..

  8. the moral of the main story should be why are the ruthless people in these poor countries destroying their own country letting people migrate wont fix the problem these people need education not socialism their govts need to get up off the @$$ and do something

  9. Father committed child abuse an should be in jail. The same as leaving a child in a hot car or not feeding a child . He could have came across the legal way . Just as many have in the past oh but this fits the narrative you are pushing that the protection of the boarder is wrong . Chris you are a paid low life sob .

  10. I watched as this man said quite plainly one day regarding the Clinton campaign: "We've done all we can to get her elected!" to his then co-host. It was an off the cuff comment that is still on Youtube to this day. Cuomo is riding is father's coat tails as Anderson rides his mothers. The CNN of today is a mere shadow of it's former self. CNN was THE premier news organization of the world. I'm not sure when or why it happened but CNN has lost all credibility and the performers in front of the cameras are embarrassing to watch. They've sunk so low that now they have videos of their performers (there isn't a single Journalist in the group anymore) emotional reactions to the President's various messages or a guests statement etc. "Don lemon rolls his eyes at the…." – is now featured video on their web page. I've watched each of them morph over the years as their bosses pressure them to become more physically animated, express fake rage or surprise – and yes for the women to wear shorter skirts and more revealing tops. Take note of the camera angles on Brook Baldwin. Take note of the V-necks on Erin Burnett and the leaning forward she does. Look at what they've done to Lisa Ling – sex shows now in place of credible exposes. Chrisitian Amanpour – even had to do a sex show… This from a woman who USED to get interviews with world powers who respected her. Now the entire organization is nothing more than a high budget Jerry Springer. Fox is oft cited as "state run media" by CNN and while no organization of humans is perfect at least the female anchors can keep their skirts a dignifying length and don't have to do sex exposes to make a living.

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