Cruz: Not going “into the gutter” to attack Trump

In a one-on-one interview with Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin, Sen. Ted Cruz reacts to statements from Donald Trump that Sen. John McCain is “not a war hero.”

Cruz spoke at length about his respect and admiration for the Arizona senator and former Navy pilot, who spent over five years as a prisoner of war, before saying he will not “go into the gutter with personal attacks” against Trump – or any Democrats or Republicans for that matter. He pointed towards instances where other Republican presidential candidates such as Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul and former Gov. Mike Huckabee have attacked him and he’s chosen not to hit back.

“In my time in the Senate I haven’t impugned the character of Republicans or Democrats and I don’t intend to start today,” Cruz said.


  1. Ted Cruz is just another "candidate" carefully avoiding condemnation of the wild and crazy BS coming from a certain "entertainer". Instead he embraces the outlandish things suggested by the billionaire blow hard. Donald Trump is the equivalent of Sarah Palin, except for the God delusions. They both have similar genitalia and brain activity. Judging on merit? In that case you should be glad the last 2 Republican "choices" FAILED in their run for the White House. Please don't say how Magic Undies/Gym Bunny or Chipmunk/Stewardess would have "done much better" at the job of Commander in Chief/Veep. You insist on color blindness, yet start your message by exposing your racial bias. – To convince/impress  those of us with 3-digit IQ, you need to be rooted in reality. Your statements have a strong taste of fantasy.

  2. Why is the media asking fellow republicans what they think of trump? Has any of them asked hillary what she thinks of obama not raising the flag after our hero's were gunned down in Tennessee or ask her what she thought about Wesley Clarke's comment about internment camps? Don't bother I know…and buy the way Cruz is exactly what this country needs to pull it out of the sewer that our muslim chief put us…. Muslim christian…just noticed that youtube auto caps Muslim and not christian….what a joke

  3. Politics aside Cruz comes across as a insincere phony to me. If he was a democrat I would say the same thing.  John McCain and him cannot stand each other and that is the absolute truth.  Cruz would lose all 50 states including Texas to Clinton.  That is also the truth.

  4. Going to the gutter…..he is in the gutter on Obama and hillary Every day .Cruz is a joke trump is joke the GOP is joke and we can't vote for any republican for president .all 16 of them are crazy just nuts. (.were is the real gop )

  5. This is a very honorable attitude expressed by Ted Cruz.  Most politicians try to hedge talking about the issues by staying busy bashing their opponents and in some cases, the other members of their own party. Cruz is 100% correct that a campaign should be about the issues and not bashing other people in order to make yourself look good.  He went up quite a bit in my opinion of him (which was quite high as it was) by taking this stance, especially when the reporter did everything but beat him over the head with his question trying to get him to bash Trump.  Trump is not wrong about McCain.  Songbird McCain is no hero. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and holds a bronze star and a purple heart.  I know for a fact that veterans have no particular fondness for McCain nor do they consider him a hero.  This is an area, however, where Trump may have hurt himself by saying how he feels without thought of the political consequences.  That is a luxury political campaigns do not have.

  6. Given the long list of failed establishment candidates, America's only hope is a Paul/Cruz ticket, or possibly a Cruz/Paul ticket. Even then, things have escalated so much to the downside in this country under both parties, it may be beyond all hope, unless you're a communist, and then you're celebrating becoming another Russia, N. Korea, or Cuba. I left out China because they will be so economically superior to the U.S. in the years to come, they are in their own category of communism that America won't be able to match because of the increasing number of American lazies who insist on mooching off of others for their sustenance.

  7. Bloomberg is suppose to be a financial news organization and they've branched into sensationalist gutter reporting. Mark Halperin must have a blood relation to Chuck Todd going back somewhere in their ancestry, considering how they share so much of the same gene pool. They remind me of Satan, as they crawl around on their bellies trying to start brawls amongst people. It must be a miserable life to not have anything better to do with it. Nor is it fair for such a low-life to be paid his salary while other people are out in the real world doing real work. Incidentally, McCain has been highly critical of Cruz, especially when he first came into the Senate. For Cruz to now shower McCain with such praise shows that he's capable of going above and beyond taking the high road, but a road called undeserved forgiveness.

  8. He turned down early release because he wasn't being treated very badly and he knew what he was going to use it for politics. Better to be in there than it was to be in the jungle. I really don't know what makes him a hero.

  9. Mccain sided with the jihadis killing Christians in Syria. They pleaded with him at a townhall meeting and he snubbed them. Hes overplayed his story with me and I think he must be in MB's pockets now.

    He raged at Michelle Bachman when they called for MB infiltration investigation in the obama administration, which is well needed.

  10. Cruz is such a phony douche. He is a king of mudslinging. If he thinks McCain is so great, why not stand up for him. Good for the interviewer to call him out for it. Between him and Trump the GOP are screwed. Palin part II on steroids.

  11. John McCain was no hero, he was a prisoner of war and that in itself does not make you some hero. A hero would never lie to Americans like he does or take photo ops with known terrorists. America currently has over a million prisoners of war in American prisons run by private contractors. If we have a "War on Drugs, then we have over a million "Prisoners of War" doing more time then McCain did and they never killed anyone but McCain killed countless civilians. Hell, McCain kill US servicemen on his own carrier when he dropped a bomb on the deck killing over 100 US Sailors. Look it up.

  12. This Halperin character just doesn't get it. He's a shit-disturber journalist because he does not like Trump and wishes not to comprehend Trump. He's a one-sided twerp and Bloomberg is not benefiting by his stupid approach at all. He should be fired, and if not, all of Bloomberg should be designated to file 13 (as garbage — yesterday's news).

  13. Go to hell, Cruz.   I wouldn't vote for you, I wouldn't vote for Trump, and I wouldn't vote for McCain…..but you are a bubbling, amorphous mass of self-serving, protoplasmic shit.

  14. Why are these Republiclowns even wasting their time…after the amazing tenure of the greatest president in American history, Barack Obama, thankfully, for the next 8 years, the next great American president will be Hillary Clinton. As backwards as these Repugs are, there might never be another Repug president.

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