Cory Booker: You can't lead people if you don't love people

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During a CNN town hall, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) shares his plan to defeat President Trump if Democrats vote for him as their 2020 presidential nominee. #CNN #News


  1. Please, please, please do not vote for someone on how philosophical he/she seems. Trump won because of concrete tasks he set forth. I heard no concrete tasks except expunging marijuana charges. Why is Don Lemon not running? Is he not so damn critical of everyone? Don Lemon is FOUR times MORE likely to give you statistic you might relate to if you have no clue what's going on in this country.

  2. Jeh Johnson, homeland security secretary during former President Barack OBAMA'S second term, declared Friday the southern border is in a "crisis" state, a claim the Trump administration first made late last year.

    "We are truly in a crisis," Johnson told MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski.

    "On Tuesday there were 4,000 apprehensions. I know that 1,000 [apprehensions] overwhelms the system and I cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like," he said.

  3. Why I am left completely perplexed folks is these democratic morons like Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Adam Schiff being the son-in-law of George Soros who funds these idiots and we all know this now to perpetuate disdain and Division in our country continue to push the false narrative that Trump and AG Barr are colluding with Russia and I must say you would have had to been born on another planet to not realize that these idiots are being very well funded by George Soros and the elites to push this false narrative

  4. 58 years old never having voted in my entire life I chose to vote for Donald J Trump I voted for him because of the countless criminal endeavors the Democratic swamp rats and snakes perpetrated against mr. Trump and his campaign the head snake and rat being Obama and Hillary Clinton the crimes they committed are irrefutable God willing William Barr will uphold the rule of law of this precious country and indict every last one of those criminally insane morons

  5. Cory Booker Elizabeth Warren Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi possess the mentality of grade school children these mentally demented idiots making these claims against AG William Barr are so preposterous one may start asking should we impeach these people for mental instability

  6. This democratic swamped snake is a complete moron I just heard him this morning folks make a statement so Ludacris I'm still laughing that AG William Barr is a operative for Russia Cherokee Chief Elizabeth Warren made the same claim folks these people are out of their freaking Minds

  7. You can't lead people unless you're powerful, intimidating, inspiring, commanding and ruthless.
    Love is NOT part of the equation, no nation has ever lasted running on love.

  8. As a Black Woman, I am constantly sadden by Cory's answers. He is not ready, he is out of touch with our demographic and poses as someone who is. He is a great guy, possibly the next Majority Leader for the Senate. But he is not ready to represent us a President.

  9. Well considering Corey Booker hates most Americans, due to the fact he's an anti-white racist, I'm happy he's admitting he's unfit to lead, nobody would have voted for him anyways, anti-lynching bills huh? It's a shame that Maga hoax you tried to push blew up in your face, Corey.

  10. Seriously, I don't know what is wrong with you people. I'm not extremely knowledgeable about this guy's record. But this wasn't a bad performance. If he has in fact taken money from Big Pharma though, he's out. I will be looking in to that. I will also say this … does someone want to do a story on exactly who Dem/Rep has taken big pharma money? This is actually a major problem and it's not partisan now, but you know for sure they 're going to try and swing it that way when it comes to light. The FDA is compromised and big pharma is fast taking drugs though the approval process. If anything thinks they aren't any kickbacks going on there, they need to wake up. We need the FDA to be investigated for corruption. Any organization that sells or allows the sales of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of narcotic drugs, is not working properly. Medical my fucking ass. This is 21 century drug dealing. Opioids are not medicine any more than Meth, or Cocaine are. They're just highly addictive drugs that get you high.

    I will comment on your comments though, because they are so laden with ignorance I feel some one should shed some light on them. So many of them are about hair and eyes, and personal attacks in general, I see clearly how Trump's racism has emboldened you. It's like most of you were secretly racist, homophobic, and sexist, but the same fear and insecurity with yourselves that lead you to be those things, also lead you to be too afraid to do anything about it. (Yes, I am saying you're weak and scared so you look for others to suppress so you feel less weak and scared… it's a hard pill to swallow but choke it down.) Then Trump became president and basically gave a license to all the idiots, and now they let their antiquated understanding of reality and belief systems spew out, with nothing to put them in check.

    And dude.. what exactly does "Jesus save"? Can you explain please? Seriously, what does he "save"? Where was Jesus when 17 kids were shot to death at Stoneman Douglas? Where was Jesus in New Zealand where 49 people were shot to death? Where was Jesus at Vegas when 57 people were shot to death? The list goes on and on. Was this "all in God's plan"? Wake the fuck up. There's no plan. We're defining the reality we live in, as we live it. Jesus has nothing to do with this. The NRA however, has a lot to do with it. Do you think they're sitting there praying for less gun control? Of course not, they're paying hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate the truth. It's called cause and effect. There's no Jesus in that. That much I know for sure. They lobby congress for looser gun laws so the companies paying them (the gun manufacturers) can sell more guns. Seriously, you don't even have to be very smart to see how this all works. I understand how you "feel" about guns and Jesus (which I've always thought is a pretty fucked up combination of beliefs… on one hand you're all about Jesus and love, but literally in the other hand you're ready to kill living beings with a gun… really? I never read stories in the bible about Jesus killing things with guns, did you?), but I also understand that "feelings" aren't necessarily based on factual reality.

    We live in a country that is highly corrupt. Almost everything is pay to play and the highest bidder wins. They don't give a shit about you. Are you so naive and narcissistic at the same time, that you actually believe Trump cares about you personally? Ask yourself why a billionaire from Manhattan gives a shit about some hick from Missouri? Answer: because you're the only idiot dumb enough to vote for him. How can you not see this? You're being played like a bunch of god damn fools. It's the exact same for the NRA. They used to give a shit about hunters and gun owners and it wasn't a political organization. That time has long since passed. LaPierre politicized it, and made the whole thing
    for-profit. Wake up dumb-asses. They don't give a shit about 2A. They give a shit about gun sales. They hide behind 2A and get all you idiots to support them, while they collect hundreds of millions of dollars and promote the sales of the guns that will kill the next batch of people, some of whom will be supporters of the NRA, and possibly even your family members. If that sounds ok to you, you are truly stupid. And one last thing… Can you idiots please learn how to spell and write? God Damn. I feel like I'm Gordon Ramsay on a reality show called "US Idiot Nightmares".

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