Cops: Teen went to church after killing family

New Mexico police and members of Nehemiah Griego’s church describe how close they came to becoming the next Newtown. For more CNN videos, check out or visit our site at


  1. May God have mercy on the soul of nehemiah as hes the one in true danger. His siblings are perfectly healed and if his parents are in heaven they have already forgiven him. I pray nehemiah will be free from the demonic possession, accept true conversion and have contrition for his sins asking for forgiveness before he dies or he will suffer a fate worse than death. May his family rest in eternal peace and may that young man find the peace and healing only Our Lord can give for it is truly right and just to worship Him. Benedictum Nomen Iesu.

  2. WHERE DID HE GET THIS STUFF, SOUNDS LIKE XBOX. LOTS OF WAYS FOR SATAN TO GET IN A KIDS HEAD AND TSKE OVER. OH… HE WAD INTO VIDEO GAMES! I tell white people over and over not to let their kids play day and night on those murder toys. This is why schools get shot up, from xbox games. Once again for those still not listening…a child is born empty and your job is to pour into them good things so they have a good life. These things come from what they spend time on listening and seeing before their eyes and in their ears. If it’s turns out to be Xbox day and night and games like Staints Row, Dead Space, God of War, or that kill your girl friend and watch her tortured in hell as she dies over and over called Shadows of The Damned or the game where body parts are broken apart and ripped up and reattached called Never Dead. These are great games for a boy who’s uncontrolled testerone is about to kick in. Let your kids play this stuff and sleep lightly because if that’s what’s pouring into him that’s what will become real to him and he will act it out on you or others because it becomes all he knows. What just happened to father and son fishing trips where you talk to your kid and spend time with him and make him know you care about him. Oh yeah, it was replaced with a small box. The new teacher and babysitter.

  3. What else is new?Christain go to church after hanging blk ppl ( natives) on trees and burned them alive,sodomized there kids,and wives.set on fire for fun.and went to ( church) every Sunday, and still today…no different..duhh. klansman go to church.Trump go to church..duh all devils go to church.( church is the devils HANG outs.)?????

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