Cooper slams Trump administration over Khashoggi response

CNN’s Anderson Coopers discusses the Trump administration’s reaction to the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. #CNN #News


  1. So has anyone noticed that the media seems to cares a lot more about a foreign journalist being killed than when the US Ambassador and 3 CIA personnel were killed in Benghazi ? Way to put America first CNN.

  2. Kashoggi fled Saudi Arabia after his friends(members of Muslim brotherhood and financiers of terrorism)began being rounded up. 2) he was here on an O-Visa(temporary) he was not a resident alien, he was a Saudi national. 3) Arabs handle their business differently than we do… screwed up as it is.

  3. He was a liberal journalist in a country that would not take his liberal shit. What do you expect and who cares. Hopefully we the people will wake up and start treating liberalism for what it is; a disease and we all know how to deal with a disease.

    If you are a democrat you ARE A RACIST; you contribute to the oppression of colored people whether you know it or not. Democrats have kept us negros in our place beaten down and they have even controlled our population using proven Nazi tactics. It is absolutely disgusting that you do not know this; You have absolutely no excuse now and know this any and every educated man and woman knows that if you are a democrat you ARE A RACIST. NO Excuse anymore.

    If we are not tough on immigration then you ask for this.

  4. If there was the slightest chance Iran did this we'd be bombing them right now and getting ready to invade them. But we have a 100% certainly it was MBS, we do nothing.

  5. Well, maybe Trump's a spoiled, golden-spoon fed baby or, maybe he's just a traitor being played by Vladimir Putin, but he can't be both. Right?

  6. It kills me how T supporters like Mattis, etc. twist and smoke screen when talking to the public in order to lie for T. Disgusting! They have destroyed any integrity or good reputation they might have had before they started working for T. Ruined now.

  7. Savages are gonna act savage, unfortunately those savages possess a stranglehold over our national oil imports. Nuking them over acting like the savages they are won’t change their level of savageness, it will change our oil prices significantly.
    Let’s stop acting like we are the ones in charge here, we are terminally addicted to the drug they sell, Oil.
    Remember the Iraq War Motto: “More Blood for Oil!”

  8. I guess Trump gotta wear a sign that says: “FUCK America, we’ll just grab em by the pussy cause I’m bout my $, bitch, I’m Donald Trump..” we gotta mfn PIMP in the White House 😎 way to go America, way to fuckin go 👏👏😂😂

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