Cool Tech Under $50 – February!

New month = new cool tech gadgets under $50!!!
🔥 KZ Earbuds:
🔥 Monitor USB Hub:
🔥 Brightech Tilt Lamp:
🔥 Laptop Fan Cooler:
🔥 Corsair Harpoon Wireless:

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  1. I might as well give this a try but if I do get picked I would like the laptop cooler because I have this laptop that always heats up really hot on my lap and it could help me cool down and make my laptop run better, so if you pick me thank you.

  2. Love that mouse! I've been using my old mouse for too long (10 years) and it's slowly dying. I was looking for a good but affordable one so thanks anyways for the suggestion 👍🏼

  3. Very well-done video. I’d have to go with wanting that lamp it is a great design and if for some reason it was no longer an option those earbuds would be a nice alternate

  4. I need that Razer Blade in my life!! But seriously the light for my dorm would make it so much less of a cave and those IEM's do look super unique and the color scheme just.. works!

  5. 'and once your figure out how the wire hooks around your ear and the way it fits inside' completely murders the design by putting it in wrong in sooo many ways.
    You put tle L in your right and the R in your left reverse pin connection upside down. I mean how isnt it utterly uncomfortable?

  6. Crosair harpoon wireless, I have a wireless mouse that doesn't have a dongle and so now I have to use a very uncomfortable mouse that has a wire and it doesn't let me click half the time. Usually I am lucky to get the scroll wheel working and since I do animation it is a struggle to scroll in my program.

  7. My favorite product would defiantly be the laptop fan cooler because I’m about to bye a gaming laptop which a lot of people say that it runs warm so I need something to cool it down #PCMasterace

  8. I have to say my favorite product would probably be those KZ earbuds. The attachable cable is a plus, and I really like the silver and black design on the back. Not to mention the dual drivers in each one. Pretty good for some basic earbuds.

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