Congressman: Beginning of the end for Trump administration

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Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) comments on the sentencing of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney, to three years in prison for crimes that included campaign finance violations in paying to silence women who claimed affairs with Trump. #CNN #News


  1. Mueller had two years to prove anything.
    40,000,000 later.
    Campaign fund violation and a hooker…
    Here we go again, more bullshit.
    Soon it will be the 50th anniversary of Muellers witch hunt.

  2. More fake news!!!!! Everytime you lie a million more people will wake up and realize your lying. For every propaganda piece, a additional million will wake up. Your lies will not fool anybody anymore.

  3. The electoral process is effective, but it isn't fair. Elections are done by electoral votes, not popular votes. Electoral votes are voted by elected representatives of the state who formally elect the president. We do not need redundancy (elected representative), We can vote ourselves and the presidential election should be based on popular vote, this way all Votes count. Wake up America, this is how the minority control the majority.

    Remove the Electoral Process/Vote. We have the technology to count every vote in America. Presidential elections are American wide, not State Wide. Remove the state out of the equation and just count the votes from all American Citizens to decide on our president. REMOVE ELECTORAL PROCESS, so this will never happen again. God is Good, God is here, and God will deal with those who choose to stay in the dark.

  4. All the NPC'S in here "Russia russia" -Real question, what's wrong with having peace ? Clinton the alternative declared her plans for sanctions on russia which would have started another war. He even cleaned up Obama's isis mess.

  5. I see the Russian paid trolls, bots and unpatriotic "Americans" (or humans that are just too stupid to fathom reality) are out in full force tonight. …lmfao running scared. …coming over to spew filth on CNN's thread because they know where the REAL news is….if this was TRULY fake news, you morons and paid trolls wouldn't bother with CNN at all. …ahh, but you're all too thick in the head to understand that concept, aren't ya? LMFAO

  6. FFS cant CNN get off Trump? Two years ago they were going to impeach Trump – yeah on what? Stormy Daniels anal queen talk or sleazy Cohen corruption, or Russia now flogged to death. Get a real life and find some honest truth news. Democrats must remember what youre doing to Trump is going to be done to your next President if you ever get to win an election on CNN sleaze.

  7. Muller won the bronze star for valour, Bonespurs, darling of the pious Evangelicals, was up to his nuts in some hooker. Thanks deplorables, may you rot in hell

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