Comedian breaks down on David Letterman show

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Comedian Norm Macdonald broke down during his last appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman.”


  1. Norm is a naturally funny guy thats why he was so good off the cuff. Breaking down like that was just him being himself as usual. It was touching to see. He is what they mean when ppl say "keep it real!"

  2. Funny that CNN would post anything about a real comedian. Comedians have been replaced by political hit squads, just like the journalists(also political hit squads)on CNN. Comedians like Norm have paid the price for staying TRUE to their craft,and they will always have my respect for continuing to do the thing that comedians are supposed to do…MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH!! So much respect for 1 of the greats!!

  3. Dave is a cranky old sarcastic fuck, and up till now, I didn't think Norm WAS, now I'm not so sure. Jeez. He's a talk show host for Christ's sake, interviews movies stars, doesn't contribute anything to the greater good, and Norm is
    crying?? Wow. Ok.

  4. CNN can only get views by using click bating titles like they did here. There like tmz not really news just bs and click bating titles. What trash this network has become.

  5. When Norm was unceremoniously kicked off of Saturday Night Live, Dave was royally supportive, royally supportive.  I've been in the situation once where I was supportive of someone losing his job in an awful way, and I know that guy loved me until his dying day, for doing little enough, really, just sympathizing with him and condemning the people that fired him.  That's what Dave did for Norm…

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