Colorado Theater Killer Sentenced to Life in Jail

James Holmes, who was found guilty of killing 12 people and injuring 70 during a mass shooting at a movie theater in Colorado in 2012, was sentenced to 12 consecutive life terms without parole plus 3,318 years.

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  1. Lol justice is just mental masturbation. It’s an illusion that gives people a false sense of closure. In reality whether or not you kill this guy it won’t change the fact that 12 people are dead and nothing you do to him will bring your family members back.

  2. Don't understand why people would want to spend the rest of their lifes in prison. Instead of killing others and wasting your life sat in a prison cell, just euthanize yourselves.

  3. After 12 leftards decided that taxpayers would be forced by the government to pay many millions of dollars, food from their children's mouths, to house and care for a mass murderer over the course of his natural life….

  4. Poor James looks like he is suffering from a weight problem. I wonder if using a hammer to smash every single tooth out of his mouth would help quench his appetite.

  5. I would like to hear of any organization that is pushing for harder sentences for mass murderers. It appears that these shooters have it pretty good after shooting up a school. Three meals a day, and they don't even have to do the dishes, counselling, antidepressant medication, protective custody, a recreation/ exercise hour, probably have a TV with a remote, visitation, opportunities for continuing education, trade schools, libraries etc.. It is time to place these killers (once convicted) in 6×6 concrete boxes 24 hours a day, concrete floor, with NO mattresses, bread and water 1x daily, no facilities, hose them off 1x weekly when their cell is hosed down, no visitation, no exercise, no yard time, giving them a year of that for each murder, then hang or shoot them publicly once they have completed their time. This is a fair and just punishment for these types of crimes, and THIS WOULD STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ONCE AND FOR ALL. IT IS THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM THAT IS ALLOWING THESE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS TO CONTINUE, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH GUNS

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