Colorado marijuana delivery: 45 minutes or less

A Colorado business specializes in delivering marijuana right to customers’ doors. Jim Spellman goes along for the ride.


  1. About fricking time America… legalizing pot is only going to:  A. bring down your crime rate; B. make your citizens happier; C. bring you millions in taxes that you can put to good use.

  2. That Cindybin2001 is nuts. Talk about morals, Mormons are polygamist. Nicotine kills. Jesus made wine and used weed to heal people. She don't believe in Jesus but has morals? My bad.

  3. Yep california is where its at. At least we have been doing legal cannabis delivery since 2011. We dont where suits. We are hard core..
    The worlds first robotic cannabis delivery system.. Not a flying pinata damit!
    the name says it alll
    Dave is here:)

  4. Colorado here i come!!! 😀

    Kansas can suck my dick. I'm done with this homophobic, philosophically out dated, republican, innovation-less, smells like cow shit 24/7, bible thumping, hate driven, closed minded State. And i'm NEVER coming back!!!

  5. wtf. a brownie delivering, well  looks like a normal drug dealer.  Dont worry  he will be stopped. and dealt with.  STUPID.  guess his weed  is from Mexico,or grown in some dirty apt.   as for a franchise……you best go open a KFC. 

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