1. Democrats are not for the good of women, or society. Actively promote abortion for money and politics, they fund Planned Parenthood with our taxes.  60 million innocents killed so far.  Abortion begins with the "doctor" using a vacuum to suck him or her out with a narrow tube the size of a pencil.  Then is thrown away as trash.  Or by inserting a cutting device inside the mother's uterus.  While the baby is alive, they cut their little arms and little legs.  Finally their little head from their torso.  Now the doctor has to extract all the pieces from the mother.  They are put aside, to make sure the whole baby is out.  If the baby is too big for cutting.  The mother is given chemicals that works overnight.  The baby is slowly burned alive.  Mother comes to the clinic the next day for the purposes of delivering a dead baby.  Democrats are not pro-women.  Abortion is linked to immediate regret, anxiety, depression, promiscuity, infertility, low self worth, addictions and even suicide.  Abortion kills one, hurts another.

  2. Can you believe the stupid people in Kalifornia voted to raise their gas tax and car tags, just like they voted a few years ago to charge 10 cents for a grocery bag to save the planet, WoW another shit hole state coming to America folks.

  3. The American people are so brain washed,… rather so miseducated. misinformed, head and lead by hype that they think a nations built on " democratic" stance, represent their choice to freedoms, when in fact, actually fact, the whole idea brings them slavery.
    If you don't know, " Democrats " real jobs are obligated to the bank, that locks you into contacts of owing.
    That means you've collectively decided to usher in a group to represent you into your continued slavery with excessive borrowing you and your kids will surely pay for, some day.

  4. What a secret tranny feast !!! All the figures of both Republicans and Democrats competing for the House & the Senate are definitely secret Masonic FTM/MTF trannies. You, too, CNN. Cheers, secret tranny America !

  5. Do any of the people who still maintain that CNN doesn't have a left wing bias wonder why they don't celebrate Republican winners at all but can't stop gushing when a Democrat wins or is about to win? Or how they get excited about "all the women and people of colour" in the race when they're only interested in the women who are Democrats and never mention any of the Republican women or blacks at all?

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