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Got an old PC that can’t play games well – but can’t afford a new system? think their Cloud Gaming PC service could be for you! Let’s take a look at this…
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  1. They have now changed there subscription service now. If you don't want to commit then you pay £26.95 for your first month then £29.95 after that. If you want to keep your monthly payment at £26.95 then you now need to sign up for a 12 month contract. That has put me off using this service.

  2. do you think this is good to play single player games on a 4k TV? I dont have a PC, so its either my chromebook or my 4k TV. Because of this I'm seriously considering this option. I was thinking about just getting an android TV stick and running the shadow software on it and the game on the TV.

  3. I do have this service for 2 months now with 35mbps ethernet. I notice little to no input lag, sometimes you can hear audio stutters at peak hours but rarely. I ran one of the reaction times tests on my local and the difference was only around 24ms thats not bad at all. Once you start playing a game you really forget you are on a cloud gaming PC unlike project stream there is very very little compression and artifacts Shadow is as close to a real experience on a local PC you can get other than an actual local pc of course. I really recommend trying it out yourself here's a code for $10 off JARAPYKZ @t

  4. I’m confused.. my pc currently doesn’t any games… buying this service will let me play game in it? Or do I need a minimum amount of settings for this service? Thanks!

  5. 50 mb/s connections? I'm not an expert, but I sure know that is very low. Do you live in america? Because europe the normal connction is around 700 mb/s. I probably dont know anything about this, just wanted to ask.

  6. I have been using it for a week now and I must say I'm tad disappointed. They use gtx 1080 with a very weak cpu. Normally gtx 1080 has about 100-130 fps on ultra with a decent cpu. Yet I get 40-60fps stutters on medium on their shadow PC. Something is wrong here.

  7. So, £320 a year for a non upgradable pc that you cant even overclock? An equivalent will be nothing like the actual thing, more power for cheaper to simply get a 1070 and oc than this service also getting more power.

  8. I had to move on to a narrow boat 2 years ago and have to use my mobile data to play online, yes i hate it but i have to deal with it. I was wondering how much data shadow would use whilst playing games. Thanks.

  9. I have a high end ultrabook (Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Gen) for work and a 20Mbps internet connection. Super interested in this but I feel like my internet may not be fast enough. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  10. I’m waiting for my account to activate. I’ve never used averagely alright pc that can run photoshop, light games etc, but couldn’t do anything amazing. So I maybe surprised

  11. Sooo, with german pricing i would have to be using a 2000Eur system for over 5 years without spending anything on upgrades… in that time it'll propably be outdated anyway like my current setup. So regarding money it should be even. Might have to test its performance for a month or two, but i'm sceptic about the input lag… we'll see 🙂

  12. I've used it in the states (North Carolina) for a few months now. I've used it on everything from a 5 year old laptop to my current pc which is a $100 intel stick computer :), I mainly play world of warcraft (in all ultra settings and avg 75 fps, but lots of the time set at 100 or more) and it works great, I've also tryed ARC, the forest, and tomb raider, along with others all played awesome on my $100 computer. My internet avg speed is 70 mbps. Maybe the best thing is now it can recognize usb so the cgi, photo editing and video aspects are amazing, it basically takes anything you toss at it and handles it well. they also are constantly working on it and the customer support is fast and good.

  13. Do the math, if you build a new PC every 3 years that’s up to the specs you get from this service you’d pay about $5k over 9 years, for 9 years of service you’d pay $2.5k, and they upgrade it when new hardware comes out, plus you don’t have to pay an electricity bill, this is the future!!

  14. Wife and I want to play Pantheon when it comes out, neither of us have a gaming PC and don't want to take the risk of building one. Would prefer to play for a year with streaming to check it out.

  15. hey Buddy u made a big mistake at 1:30. you said that shadow gives 8 core, its not 8 cores it 8 dedicated threads. The processor they use is a 8 core 16 threads but you are given just 8 threads of that. Its like using a quad core

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