Cillizza: Trump making book publishing great again

CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Brooke Baldwin look at how President Donald Trump is helping books written about him top the bestseller’s list.


  1. More evidence that Trump is awesome. Book sales have been declining for years in this age of social media, youtube, and on demand T.V. So now there's another industry President Trump has helped to revive.
    MAGA! ❤ ??????

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  3. You media people are the worst, I remember when weed was promoted as a dangerous gateway drug. During that time black people were the evil images associated with this dangerous gateway drug. Now weed is legal in many parts of the country and now being marketed. I don't believe anything you people say. One minute is about bad black people, next is someone else.

  4. New Worldwide Headlines: Trump Scandals and White House Chaos Sell More Books Than … Agatha Christie?
    Wow! Who knew that an illiterate and money-hungry New York big mouth would make so many other people rich and famous? Donald Trump must hate the "rich and famous" bit with a passion.

  5. Thank God for President Trump. Snopes says that the Obama administration was trafficking women and children. We also know of the friendship between the Clintons and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. There are over 51,000 sealed indictments. These fake news stations are controlled.

  6. Sorry LIBTARDS, Your polls predicted an landslide for Crocked Hillary. WRONG. Most Americans reject open borders and outsourcing American jobs. You guys are history.

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