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  1. China is a paper tiger. End. Of. Story. We spend 4x China on defense budget alone. They don't even have a professional army they are conscripts average service time 2 years with inferior physical and educational standards for war fighting. They have a 2 tear chain of command structure.
    When was the last time China waged a successful campaign without the help of Russian Intel or logistical? This is propaganda to further bloat defense spending.

  2. Total bs. J20 does not have super cruise, engines are crap. Questionable stealth capabilities, India saw their aircraft on radar over Tibet. BVR capabilities in doubt, radar is shit too. If your aircraft is so good, why is China trying to buy SU 35s from Russia? Old saying in American south; “you can’t polish a turd”, and Chinese air power is a turd. My humble opinion….

  3. Anything they’ll make we’ll overpower them with our military production. And some on has anything that said “made in China” be actually really good

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