Child refugee forced to turn to prostitution

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Ali, 17, came to Europe seeking safety. Instead, penniless, he turned to a dangerous underground world. Arwa Damon reports as part of an ongoing investigation.


  1. I was a runaway in Europe,I went to different countries and never sold my ass,sadly I gave it away.But otherwise I worked.Odd jobs,indeed,under the table,these guys are making a choice,I see nothing wrong with it since it is consensual.Just don't whine and play a victim.Even in Athens MacDo will hire you.Or go wash dishes or sweep streets,no sympathy ,lazy,want easy money guys.

  2. They risked their lives coming across the Mediterranean just to suck some old man's dick for €5.00? Why don't those Middle Eastern refugees try to go to the more affluent Middle Eastern countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait? They would assimilate better in those places instead of countries with Western values.

  3. They did it with no hope and forxing to death ratherr than starving..better ur goverment put them in proper shelter or back to their cpuntry to help them by imposi ng sanction to their goverment by neglecting their citizen goverment

  4. So how many safe countries did the "child" travel through to get to Athens? These "unaccompanied minors" also seemed to have got hold of $0000s to pay people smugglers so where did they get the money from? Send them back to their own countries.

  5. they need to go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia since those countries have the same culture, religion and values and replace all the Indians and Asian immigrants those countries employed. why go to western countries that they feel so discriminated against? maybe then these exbachi-bachi raped children could live a normal life.

  6. Where did you see any children here? They are adults and they are fully aware of their actions. How misleading and hypocriti from CNN to call for for "forced child prostitution" when NATO (US and its allies) has caused them to leave their countries in the first place.

  7. He's not a child. He's a grown man. He smokes, have big hands, he's taller than the reporter… He knows what he's doing. He likes to suck dicks, so… Who wants to stick the dick into his ass is not a pedophile.

  8. Maybe they should legalize red light districts it's better than locking them up because apparently they can't offer them honest work or they can send them back home to starve what is really the cruelest thing to do

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