1. Some evil comments are posted here…ones from those whose only source on reality is the internet. Save yourself the trouble and don’t read on. Rest In Peace, Mr. President

  2. Bush jr. was a "daddy's boy" it was his twisted evil mind and broken soul uselessly cost the lives of thousands of our soldiers and countless millions of innocent lives in never-ending wars that continue to this day and sunk our nation into unfathomable debt we will never escape which will ultimately destroy our country. This demented family of liars bastardized and dismantled our constitution and the US standards of ethical behavior and fabricated Osama & ISIS as boogy man and their "war on terror" tailored to deceive the average citizen into wasting billions while the United States continues to invade and occupy foreign countries without rhyme or reason. …and you're crying because this monster of a human being died? Get off your ass and learn the facts about these crooks and their war crimes: May they BOTH rot in hell.

  3. H. W. Bush was a war criminal. Appreciating him means supporting his crimes against humanity.
    I still like Trump because he still did not make war. Trade war does not kill innocent people.

  4. beyond fascism and terrorism! HW was cia director, vp, and pres when hundreds of thousands of democracy/freedom seeking people in south/central america, africa, middle east, pacific islands, philippines… were murdered directly by cia/special forces/dea and/or we trained their fascists how to murder and gave them the money and weapons to murder. when going after noriega, bush had no income areas fire bombed leading to thousands dead and injured. no corporate media reported it the few alternative media that did years later called the areas "slums" which is so disgraceful and immoral i have no idea how anyone could be so evil and disrespectful to men women and children trying to survive.

  5. Tell me not in mournful numbers that life is but an empty dream
    For the soul is dead that slumbers and life is not what it seems
    Life is real
    Life is earnest
    And the grave is not it's goal
    From dust thou art
    To dust returneth
    Was not spoken of the soul

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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