Catalan leader wants to ‘follow people’s will for independent state’ – BBC News

The ballots say Yes to independence this is the will that I want to go forward with,” Mr Puigdemont tells parliament.

“At this historical moment as the president of Catalonia, I want to follow people’s will for Catalonia to become an independent state.”
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  1. Is this the best translator that could be found to translate such a historic speech? I mean no offence but she was very slow and her accent was difficult to understand at times.

  2. Less than fifty percent of Catalonia wants independence, less than 50 percent of people voted in the referendum. Not only that, many people voted twice and I don't know how you think it can be taken seriously when you waived having to show ID. Nobody in the international community will recognize it for good reason. This man acts like a child.

  3. Merkel's EU Commissioner said "Spain are planning a civil war". The use of inflammatory terms like 'civil war' and 'planning' was a devastating broadside at Madrid. Rajoy is like Mr Punch : his solution to all problems is violence. But the warning from Merkel will cool his choler and should lead to more civilised behaviour.

  4. Russian Serbia and farage propaganda want this Catalonia to be a shthole like transnistria or even Serbia or Russia.
    Face the businesses exodus and isolation from the European union

  5. public can't read this general message blocked !!
    corruptive hong kong government….down…down…down.不合法的 2017 年 香港行政長官 – 落台吧 ,,,
    香港 20年 的貪腐 – 延續貪腐政權 – 再害多少代青年, 香港選舉管理委員會, 平機會, 律政司, 前行政長官-
    同流合污, 製造 假選   欺騙 港人 – 負刑責,2017 年 香港行政長官選舉 – 公認合法參選人: 黃文康

  6. Funny thing is this idiot has not only killed off Catalonian independence hope but Scottish too . Because the SNP backed this referendum and independence bid they have put themselves in the position where they have annoyed Spain to the point they will now almost certainly oppose any entry of an independent Scotland to the EU . So a referendum called on the basis of Brexit by the SNP will be lost because there will be a quite obvious veto by Spain to joining the EU . Sturgeon should have seen this coming .

  7. I'm all for deescalating the conflict (that Spain is at least 70% responsible for) so long as it doesn't just lead to the EU bullying Catalan into submission. The UK as a leaving member who isn't going to get anything out of the negotiations (largely due to an incompetent government who just want to have their cake and eat it), we should side with Catalan and offer them trade deals and acknowledge their status as a country (it's not like our relationship with Spain is going to be good considering their attitude towards Gibraltar (which we own and have documents to prove it) so why not piss them off).

  8. How can he say that the people spake for independence? There was a low turnout, not even half of voters casted a ballot, as a result the leave just represents a 38 percent of the voters, and last weekend the people went out to the streets in the hundreds of thousands to show their will to remain a part of Spain.
    Stop ignoring the truth.

  9. Shows how wise the UK was to give a Scottish referendum and an EU referendum. Significant Tory gains in Scotland show the wisdom of giving people referendum then sticking by the result!

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