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Call of Duty mobile Android controller support!

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Today, I am talking about Call of duty mobile android controller support and how to connect a controller on call of duty mobile. The call of duty controller is very limited and the only way to use…


  1. Why can Epic let us play with a controller on fortnite mobile but Tencent can’t with their mobile game… its an freaking COD game for sake… it needs controller support. They could easily do 2 different servers (for touch screen players and for controller players) smh

  2. Sad to see all the kids hating the controller support.
    yeah so if u cant play with a controller so you believe they have fking huge advantage over touch players. Such BS. I know the movement would be good but aiming still needs practice and a good touch player can always wreck a controller player imo.
    Having a controller support is a must. It makes the game more fun.

    Btw nice vid bro.
    You'll soon get a huge audience

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