Caged while seeking mental health help – BBC News

Low income countries spend on average just 0.5% of their health budgets on mental health, according to the World Health Organization.
In Ghana, that means there is just one psychiatrist to treat every 1.2m people.
Many people with mental health problems therefore turn to “prayer camps” and traditional healing centres for help. Despite a government ban, many of these institutions use chains to restrain their residents.
A BBC investigation has found that, in one case, a prayer camp is now putting those with mental health issues in cages.
Reporter: Sulley Lansah
Producer: Annie Duncanson
Filming and editing: Christian Parkinson

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  3. Avoid telling the angry and the mentally ill that they need help or they need counseling or they need medications. Just let them get their feelings out at their pace and keep encouraging by telling them they are alright and that they can cure their anger their past by themselves and that you the family will listen and offer all support and help. Don’t tie them up don’t reject them but just embrace them and hold their hands and stay silent when they talk. Whatever they tell you listen carefully as they are trying to say something but it is traumatic for them to think about what ruined them and simultaneously explain. Mentally ill just want your silence your understanding your respect your unconditional support your infinite patience and in few months they should be relieved of their burdens unless they have some physical disability they will be open to being of service to others with mental ill health. Please try this

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  5. We do exactly the same here in the UK. We call them cells and restraints though. The truth is you wouldn't want these people roaming free to infringe on the rights of others. What seems to be the problem is funding in order to make medical detention more "socially acceptable". By cleaning up one problem you neglect another. For example people campaigned to outlaw child labor in India. The result? 100,000s penniless children homeless and starving on the streets begging and robbing.
    Sometimes we have to tolerate a lesser evil until a better solution is achievable.

  6. Empty stomach can make someone's literally insane….depression,anxiety…they couldn't handle their problems well or some of them became insane because of drug abuse….are they going back to normal after confinement?

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  8. In Britain the government are responsible for the DWP scandal that has cost the lives of many mentally ill people trying to claim monies that is rightfully theirs. Mr Duncan Smith or whatever he is called is responsible as are the DWP for every person harmed by their actions (decisions). The latest scandal is the so called mistake they have been found making for many years now and that is putting thousands of disabled claimants on contributions related ESA instead of income related ESA and thus taking monies from them that was rightfully theirs. Worse thing about this scandal is everyone of these people owe the government in perscription charges as the government have labelled them all frauds for not paying for said perscriptions.

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