Burned-out millennials take on alternative work lifestyles

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From working on the road to maximizing their 401K savings in order to retire early, several 20- and 30-somethings have looked for ways to replace the 9-to-5 grind.


  1. "Women on average 70% of what men earn." False white propaganda. Black and Brown Men earn less than even privileged cunt whitey women. Fucking whitey terrorists propagandists.

  2. “stressfull political consulting…” 1:22
    A.k.a. a bulls*t job. Leaching on tax payers money.
    What BS is it that 6 years of low energy bills will allow you to retire 30 years early.

  3. Nathan, you prick. You leave your dogs to sleep outside in the snow, they are chained up, because you have no awareness or understanding. They are skinny and their coats are in terrible shape. And then they have to work and run through the snow to carry your worthless ass around on a sled. Fuck you. Free those poor dogs nd let them go to loving homes and sleep INSIDE with no CHAIN and no WORK to do.

  4. Financial literacy IS taught in many schools. Maybe she went to a college prep program that assumed she would hire people to do that for her… or maybe she just didn't pay attention.

  5. The system is designed for you fail and struggle and who invented that system baby boomers and golden agers.

    Go to school and get a job and work 40 years doesn’t do anything for you anymore except leave you in a deep funk.

    Call it lazy or call it living, because that’s what our generation is going to do. Live!

  6. The vast majority of millennials aren't doing this. They are normal people with normal jobs. The news media is just looking for a story and they are making millennials look like a bunch of lazy self-entitled idiots. And of course they had to put in something about women being so oppressed by society. When the hell have women been excluded from financial conversations? What does that even mean? Also, not all financial advisers are male, plus the gender of your financial adviser shouldn't matter, their expertise should matter.

  7. I'm sorry but these people are going to get killed. Civilization wasn't built on alternative lifestyles. Only select few get live this way, that's why you work hard and build capital. There is no burnouts. The architects who still run things will force these folks to obey or die. Obeying means..getting a job, going to college, getting married, going to church to show face, procreating to keep the economy steady etc. Their parents and grandparents did it and know why they did it. They may have not loved all of it ..but they knew it would build stability for their offspring. The same cycle must be repeated to keep civilization thriving. If millennial 's fail to do this, the government will most likely create a war so that a pulse weapon is let off and people will be forced to rebuild and obey. It will take decades to recover. There's no way around it. Obey or face harsh conditions. It's been this way for 30,000+ years. #Agenda33

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