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Two and a half years after Britain’s referendum on whether to leave the European Union, the country remains divided. We met with voters on both sides of the debate — those who voted to leave and now feel betrayed, and those campaigning for a second referendum.

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  1. The majority of brexiters are old traditional man.They don't realize what they vote for, their kids don't want Brexit to happen and it shouldn't happen, because it will negatively affect not only United Kingdom, but Europe as well. Especially no deal Brexit, it will be disastrous! It's also unfair 90 year old man to be in parliament and to make decisions! Britain should make a second referendum and more young people should vote!

  2. Can't wait to leave, that EU is so Corrupt, a form of Communism, the EU don't care about Britain or the British people, all they are worried about is losing they so called £280,000,000 a week, and bail-outs that Britain help other countries, the Swiss are not in it, they were asked to join, but they could see the bigger picture, that it was a load of old "CRAP", and they said NO, very wise decision. That EU is absolutely CRAZY, you have Spain & Italy owing the EU 1 Trillion dollars each to France, Britain & Germany, France Britain and Germany are struggling, as they have lent vasts amounts of money to these other European economies, who cannot pay them back, how can broke economies lend money to other broke economies, who haven't got no money, because they can't pay back the money the other broke economy lent to the other broke economy, and they should of NOT lent it to them in the first place, because the other broke economy can't pay it back, IT'S ABSOLUTELY MADNESS!!., and people want to remain in this MADNESS, they must be INSANE.

  3. bad deal for Britain, stop the Brexit and get on with your daily life, David Cameron you create this mess for all of us.
    no one will get benefit from it, you have wasted enough money. with your dirty plans.

  4. There was a referendum to enter what became the EU, 43 years ago. The situation has transformed since then, but 2016 was the first vote on it. To repeal the decision of 2016, the largest vote in UK history before it has been carried out is not democracy. Democracy does just involve voting on decisions, it means acting on those decisions, even if you personally believe it to be the wrong decision.

  5. I don't understand how liberal left wing individuals can support the EU. It lack democracy, supports neo-liberal austerity centred polices and prevents state aid to help new industries

  6. Seems to me the British people are tired of being controlled by a foreign government. Most people don't even know the president of the EU or how he got elected to that position!

  7. Brexit wasn't properly discussed and the vote was done in impulse. The margin of 51.9 to 48.1 reflects the unsureness of some of the elecorate. Lack of education, discussion, impulsiveness of the topic led to an ignorant vote.

  8. looks like the NYT doesn't want to use footage of the peoples vote march to balance the largest brexit march but I suppose 750,000v10,000 does makes the hard brexiters look like a small minority group

  9. I believe that most Brits are tired of having their country run by unelected foreign bureaucrats. These political elites are accountable to no one. They have power and wealth that the average citizen could only dream of. And I believe that they will destroy any people or country to remain in power. They will tax you till death, and then want more. But like most parasites, they don't understand that they are killing the host. OR they do, but just don't care. JMO

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