Breaking Down the 5 Biggest Games of Nintendo’s Latest Direct

From Doom to Super Mario Odyssey, here are our thoughts on the five biggest things from the Direct.

IGN Live Presents: Nintendo Direct September 13, 2017

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  1. I had no interest in playing Doom on my PS4. I don't know why, but being able to play this game portably really appeals to me all of a sudden… I'm by no means a die-hard Nintendo fan, but I've always enjoyed what they do, and I'm so pleased they're back on top again. It's like a true return to the golden era of console gaming.

  2. Bethesda would not put any of there games on the switch if they knew the console could not run it and it would not live up to expectations
    Since Bethesda believes their games will run well then we should not really worry

  3. Excellent video. I missed the 3DS part of the Direct. I am amazed by how incredible the library of that portable is and how it still being supported by Nintendo. It gives a good feeling, since Switch owners, if treated similarly, are going to get excellent games for a long period.

  4. first quarter of this year is playstation with gravity rush 2, yakuza 0, nioh, nier automata, horizon zero down, persona 5 and now at the end of the year is time for nintendo with their games. Playstation and nintendo both is great.

  5. These guys are stupid if they think that Nintendo isn't going to keep making and releasing stuff for the 2ds/3ds for a good while to come. Especially since they just released the "new 2ds xl" in July.

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