Body language expert: R. Kelly body language leaking the truth

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Body language expert Janine Driver examines R. Kelly’s body language during his interview with CBS’s Gayle King. #CNN #News


  1. She gets paid for..what??? This was a waste of air time Janine… I could have done this interview. Bite your lip and you are telling the truth 🤔🤔🤔

  2. I don’t really know what this all about I haven’t been in rkelly lives but all I know is these people know exctalu what they doing they know how to manipulate people they are many crimes that highest people committing it’s there plan if those black people doesnt open they eyes they will all ended up in prison they will start accusing them in anything that they could things

  3. Some of whats he was saying could of been true. Some of it could of mean hes lying HER opinion His body language tells us he lying. Maybe it was a bit of both deep down. Who knows.
    But How about the media get a few more body language experts, phycologist in and not just use one person that has already made her mind up hes guilty. Which has then has potentailly convinced 100s of thousands of others through the media hes guilty.

  4. Body language experts are the most easily deceived people.
    When you cant believe your life means nothing to false allegations, you can make a shake your head in bewilderment while claiming disbelief is real.
    This is a smear. The body language "expert" is showing delight in her assertions. The topic is allegations without evidence. Maybe the VHS was of him in his teens years. Kids do that. This is a sign of a man being taken advantage of through allegations in a legal proceedings, and powerless to do anything about it.
    This is what human trafficking (receipt of persons)looks like.

  5. Let's talk about it!! Real shit… it's really funny how they study this like hell but nobody talking about Elvis Presley… Nobody talking about that shit. If we gone after it, let's get after it all!! and Everybody!!

  6. I agree that shes a body language expert but only for white people because as a black person our body language react differently when we get angry and especially at the point where they are pushing him to made him loose him mind because he's fighting for his life….. you need to know that racism will never end as long as the constitution remain the same and the system is build to end black intelligent and inspiring people in the work.

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