Bob Saget Admits ‘Inappropriate Acts’ in New Book

April 8 (Bloomberg) — Comedian, Actor and Television Host discusses his stint in “Full House” and some sources of inspiration for his comedy. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)


  1. Many people commenting on here are sick af and taking his words wayyy out of context, Bob has always been always done inappropriate comedy acts, meaning routines, like getting up behind a mic and saying inappropriate dirty jokes or doing his routines randomly in front of people, not physically doing things, if that was the case, somebody from the show would've spoken out by now with the whole me too movement like others have, not made Fuller House, the Tanner twins always had a parent/acting coach with them the entire time, they were on strict schedules, the people accusing him of pedophilia are sick fucks and Bob should sue you, I know I would

  2. What's even more fucked up everyone is that those kids for sure were getting molested. It happens all the time in this nasty industry. That is what should be talked about. Wtf duh…open your eyes. What was really going on.

  3. Oh give me a break! You thick sick fucks! EVERY show a comedian puts on is an ACT that's what he meant as in "unappropriated acts" yet you sickos think he means he molested the kids! Yea cos he wud b in Fuller house with other kids if he abused the "full house kids" !!!! STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT DICKHEADS!

  4. There's a quote out there of how he tells a friend "I'll let you finger her for a dollar". Saget's wife had just had a baby and a friend stops by and tells Saget "oh what a beautiful baby" abd then that's when he makes the comment about fingering her. if this is true, Saget is a disgusting pos

  5. Clickbait title. "Inappropriate acts" is referring to his stand-up shtick and how it conflicted with his image on television. He was caught making vulgar jokes on set when he thought only adults were around. Nothing more. Context, yo.

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