BIG PC Games Are Leaving STEAM! Is This a PROBLEM?!

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  1. FO76 not being on steam is one of the 3 or so reasons im not getting it.
    Others include no NPCs, no private servers/modding at launch, and the reveiws that are saying the game feels empty when not playing with friends, and i have only a few friends who play PC and they have 0 intrest in fallout or most 1st/3rd person shooters. They are more world of war craft oriented and games like that.

  2. I'm not upset. I'm actually kind of happy. I will miss the uniformity, but steam customer service is virtually non-existent. So, I'll be happy to be able to get customer service when necessary. My willingness may be due to the fact that I have played lots of MMO's though, which means most of my games launch from different launchers anyway.

  3. If it was on Steam. Valve would have gotten it to work on Linux like every other game on Steam, but Bethesda loves money more than empowering players. Valve does alot of work to get all the games to work on every OS on every platform. Developers did not get their games to work on MacOS or Linux. Valve did.

  4. I prefer having my games on steam because using things like Origins "that is terrible and buggy as hell", Uplay "that lags bad", actually is good, and now there is so many more its getting stupid. it feels like everyone wants you to install there store and soon enough you will have to load 20 different stores and now you comp cant install games. I was excited for fallout 76 then i found out that modding wouldn't be a thing for a year but micro transactions would be there right away equal's a huge fail then not being on steam was the death sentence for me purchasing. i have stopped purchasing EA games before the huge micro transaction thing because of there origins store and how bad it is also its more of a pain then its worth. i hope bethesda gets out of this greedy state they are in and listen to there fans its becoming a real problem with Games in general right now Greed before quality, its not like they are starving to keep the doors open.

  5. I won't buy from Bethesda.cancer its a shit service hands down. To bad was looking forward to running a private server for FO76, and exploring the wasteland with my friends.

  6. Hell yea it made the decision a lot easier. The game is a bit iffy in my book anyways. It's moving further away from what I actually want in a fallout game, but I still probably would have bought it eventually if it was on steam. I mean, who doesn't go crazy during steam sales? It's not like I'm going to constantly check Bethesda's site for sales, and the game doesn't catch my interest enough for me to pay full price. So I would say that because of this I will absolutely never get this game.

  7. It should be noted that GOG is CD Project. So it makes sense that now that their own platform has taken off that they are going to publish their things there.

  8. Really? I didn't even notice i just keep buying games and i am honestly not even gonna care about any of the recent teenager appealing titles, like Fallout 7fail or White Ops 4: SJW collector edition.

  9. Discord is also setting up as a games distribution platform.

    I have a couple games I got from steam, but only because it was the only place I could get them. Steam, from what I've seen, shares a problem I see with mobile. Too much shovelware.

  10. Steam isn't just for keeping all your games in one area(and having the ability to sort all your games) but its also a social connection. You get to invite, play and message people. Its been a while since I've used the Bethesda launcher but I would assume it does not have those attributes. It might be possible this can be a draw aback for a multiplayer game like fallout 76. Will it be a hassle to find and play with friends? This sometimes can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. They can be as interested as any die hard fan but this can make them hesitant.

  11. I can't say as I blame them. Valve doesn't do any kind of good job policing their community, and when games get review bombed 3 years or more after release, it tends to make devs think about doing something else, especially if they already have their own platform. It was really sad with Skyrim getting bombed over the Creation Club, for example, even when you can't use the Creation Club with the classic Skyrim.

  12. Steam is a shit platform, but so far none of the others (Origin, UPlay, Etc.) except maybe is worth anything as a platform, even that is meh. I'm not buying anything from Bethesda anymore because they don't fix bugs, but are more than happy to have a cash grab like creation club. Same with Activision and EA. I haven't tried GOG as a platform to be fair, but have no real reason to try it since no game is worth another platform.

  13. Personally if I don't know about a game series and it's not on steam I will just stay far away, Steam is great for finding games you haven't heard of, big or small. If a game is big enough then I and many others will obviously just bite the bullet and buy it through another launcher, like overwatch for example, but if it's not a massive franchise and they are leaving steam people like me will never find out about the games, like destiny 2 for example, heard of it but I'm not going out of my way to buy it on a different launcher because I don't fully know about it.

  14. No being on steam didn't change my mind about buying fallout 76. Fallout 3's missing the ball on what fallout is and fallout new Vegas locking up every 60-80 minutes (on a console, no less) have led me to lose interest in the series. Shame, too, since I've been a big fan of the series since it was subtitled "A GURPS post nuclear role playing adventure". Even with the so-so tactics games and the downright awful overhead shooter on Xbox… The first fallout I missed was #4 and I don't really have much interest the series anymore. Especially with how dumbed down and money grubbing big studio games are these days. I'd rather find some random roguelite or metroidvania on steam to mess around with.

  15. Glad to see it happening, my PC lags using Steam. If there is an alt way to DL, i will use it. I only have two games currently through Steam, Golf with friends and BeamNG Drive

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