Betsy DeVos grilled over proposed Special Olympics cuts

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Democrats dinged Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for proposed cuts to education programs, including the Special Olympics. #CNN #News



  2. Typical filthy lying feckless radical anti-American treasonous republican christian sharia terrorist pieces of shit like this cunt should all be shipped to Israel since they love it so much more than America and non-christian Americans!!!

    Oh gee, and yet another surprise, Drumpf rallying at Van Andel Arena, you know Jay Van Andel… AMWAY pyramid scam partner with none other that DICK (head) and BETSY DEVOS, uh huh… no conflict of interest here folks! Oh, and if they were going to give the world an enema, Grand Rapids Michigan is where they'd shove it in at!

  3. …half of me saying this is americans being emotional not rational…wtf does special Olympics need with 17mill i forgot that was an actual thing…other side is going ha…thats fucked up

  4. What level of goon do you have to be to cut money for the special olympics? This POS has that kind of money in her back pocket. Her prick of a boss, bone spur trump, spends that kind of government money taking holiday trips to his bullshit Mar-de-shithole resort. When will the people of this great country demand impeachment of this entire lot of swamp dwellers?

  5. Sounds "Evil" to me…. Trump, Devos, and the GOP are incompetent, thoughtless, insensitive …. abandoned small gov and fiscal responsibility for tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the handicapped ….

  6. Government needs money to finance for the tax cuts for the rich. Gotta have priorities.
    Seriously, this administration has sunk so low. My words are failing me to express my disgust.

  7. GOP priorities– tax cuts for the wealthy, tax cuts for big business– they still love that failed experiment Reaganomics aka Trickle Down Economics that proved to be bullshit (rich get richer, everyone else remains stagnant or get poorer). They still won't raise the minimum wage, they still vote against consumers in favor of banks and big business, they still blame food stamps and welfare, the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security (calling them 'entitlements' to imply they are not earned nor deserved), and demonizing the poor by calling them lazy and welfare queens. Corporations get more "entitlements" than anyone, but that's called "business". Truly, assholes like Betsy Devos, Trumpy, McConnell the Turtle, Paul Ryan, and nearly all the rest, couldn't care less if a struggling family has a kid with cancer and they can't afford healthcare, they don't care that medical debt is a major cause for bankruptcy filings, and they don't care that PREGNANT WOMEN in the US with complications is 2x more likely to die than their counterparts in Saudi Arabia and China, and 3x more likely to die than women in the UK with complications. The religious conservatives don't want to pay for public education (Betsy Devos' husband said the right should start calling it "government schools"), they don't want to pay for free school lunches for children from poor families (Paul Ryan said a free school lunch won't feed their souls), they don't want affordable healthcare, they don't care … they're all going to hell where they belong with Ayn Rand.

  8. Yeah. It’s as obvious as the balls on a dog. If you have to decide where to spend tax payers money. The republicans think that Betsy’s brother deserves more money than needy disabled American children!
    And Republican voters agree with them!

    Because they are selfish dumb cunts.
    Oh, I nearly forgot!
    Egotistical, faith based, evil, fact suppressing, cunts as well.

    What is worse, is knowing that the majority of the nation is too stupid to understand the consequences of it. And will elect them again.
    And again
    And again.

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  10. Maybe if we didn't have to pay for all the illegals invading our country there would be funds for the Special Olympics.


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  11. // I The DemonRats Hand Wringing Again !! About These Poor Kids Not Getting Funding ,"And I Bet There Is Not A Blond Blue Eyed Kid Amongst Them" ,Shes Right To Cut Funding. !!

  12. exactly, Betsy Devos, you don't know how many kids or the kids. It speaks volumes of your core values and what is important and it is not children. Why are you Education Secretary again, hmm, to help the rich people, yes , and who cares about the kids.

  13. Remember that stable genius who mocked the disabled reporter?
    Remember one of Mr. Conway's key traits of a narcissist LACK OF
    EMPATHY. WHENEVER a comment or tweet or on You Tube we use that NARCISSIST TRAITS list and a hash tag HashTag TRUMPDISORDER-7

  14. The funny thing here, is that she could find a reasonable argument for this but apparently she is incapable of even that. I am sick of political figures and people in power who constantly lie and refuse to actually answer questions, as if what they do is their own personal business. That is the problem with American politicos, they do think the nation's business is their own personal business and none of the tax payer's business.
    It is difficult to imagine a more blatantly corrupt administration.
    Personally, I do not care about the special Olympics. I think it is silly and given its very small audience, I am not the only one who feels that way. It looks like this upcoming "beauty pageant" for fat, ugly, and disfigured women. It is silly and vain.
    I suspect that the majority of people being outraged here have never paid attention to or watched the special Olympics.
    Having said all that, I still support the event simply because it is important to a lot of other people. I still think it is a cultural and political absurdity. I don't watch children's sporting events either, for the same reason that I ignore the special Olympics. The Olympics has become such a corporate event, I no longer care about any of it. It has become a celebration of corporate power and products.

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