Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers… Explained Inside a Dollhouse

No Wi-Fi in the attic? Or basement? A mesh router can help. WSJ’s Joanna Stern and her miniature friends explain how the new Wi-Fi router systems work—and which is the best one to buy.

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  1. or you could like…buy a better router. In that model house, you good get good enough wifi except for maybe the top corner with a high-quality router. Yes, I will agree that some cases it would be better to get a mesh wifi system, but most people don't need more than what a higher quality router can provide. If you really care so much about speed for your bigger devices like computers and consoles, get an ethernet cable. You can also just put your router closer to the middle of your house/get your internet company to do it. There are lots of other solutions that don't involve connecting multiple devices just for fast internet.

    yes, a really good router will probably cost $250-$350, an ethernet cable is probably gonna be pretty hard to run through the walls, yes it will take quite a bit of effort to get the main internet cable to the middle of your house, but in my opinion, you really shouldn't need these mesh devices unless you live in like a mansion. I live in a three-story house with a decent quality router in the closet on the top floor. I can still get like 80% of the internet speed in the basement. So yea, that's my opinion but if someone has more info/ arguments…please correct me

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