BBC helps bust Nepal chimp smuggling – BBC News

A BBC investigation exposing the scale of chimpanzee trafficking last year has helped police in Nepal uncover a smuggling operation.
Even to a hardened detective the discovery was shocking: two baby chimpanzees, exhausted, hungry, and sucking their thumbs.
The animals had been captured in the wild in Nigeria and then flown thousands of miles to Nepal.

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  1. why can't they be kept in a suitable habitat? there is no need for them to be kept there as evidence for the trial – in this day & age surely it would be possible for them to have evidentiary value without extending their suffering at the hands of yet more humans in this way.

  2. Shame you cant bust the people smuggling ring across the Med. Or sorry the globalists are behind it aren't they, big money being made isn't there in the people smuggling across the Med.

  3. I am sorry but his makes me furious.
    The BBC would rather report on ANIMALS than people of colour who struggle with fat shaming, cultural appropriation and Eurocentric beauty standards.

    H A V E. M I X E D. R A C E. B A B I E S.

  4. Without their dear mothers by their side, they won't ever be able to attain the full fledged chimpanzee-hood. Even their bodies are undergrown, beacuse of the malnutrition. Nature shall bless and save you my dear cousins.

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